I am Shruti and I live on the other side of the world (well, from most of you), in India. I blog at 13 Woodhouse Road.I was awed when I opened my blue envelope from Melody. I think its the most awesome-st (is that even a word?) fabric I have laid my hands on… And guess what? Its not even on the market yet!

Yeah, I received 2 wonderful generous fabric cuts of Ruby Star Shining!

Here’s my simple recipe for making some fun “Samosa” wristlets!

Step # 1 : Cut your fabric

You’ll need
Two  6.5″ squares from the outer fabric – I have fussy cut the typewriters
Two 6.5″ squares from the lining fabric – I used the floral fabric
Two 2.5″ x 3.5″ for the zipper ends
One 2″ x 12.5″ strip for the loop
One 7″ zipper – I used a larger one and trimmed it down.

Step # 2 : Pressing

Fold all the 4 squares 1/4″ and press along one edge. If you are using a directional print like me, make sure you press the TOP edge.

Also press two of the opposite edges of the 3″ squares 1/4″

Step # 3 : Zipper

Pin and sew the 2.5″ x 3.5″ strip to the end of the zipper as shown.

Lay the zipper on the 6.5″ square as shown and trim it down to size.

Attach the other 2.5″ x 3.5″ fabric to the other side. And trim it to the zipper width.

Now it looks nice, doesn’t it?

Now attach your zipper foot to the machine and sew the zipper to the lining and outer fabric in that order. Now you’ll know why I pressed that 1/4″ on one side. I just align it with the zipper and sew!

Dont worry if your pouch does not stay flat! It wont matter.

Repeat on the other side.

You do not need to trim the ends of the zipper, but if you must, trim them at least 1/2″ beyond the edge of the fabric.

Step # 4 : Making the loop

Make the loop as you like. I just folded the selvedge over and stitched it. You can use a ribbon or even left over binding!

Step # 5 : Finish the pouch!

OPEN the zipper. (You’ll thank me for saying this)

Lay the pouch as shown (both lining pieces RIGHT side together and both outer fabric Right Side Together) and sew the BOTTOM edges of the lining fabric together leaving a 2.5″ opening to turn out the pouch.

Repeat with the outer fabric without the opening.

Insert the loop one one SIDE and baste it between the two outer fabric pieces.

Sew along the side starting from the bottom edge towards the zipper. Sew as close to the zipper as you can, backstitching at both ends and over the loop.

DO NOT stitch OVER the zipper.
Now fold the other side of the pouch such that the zipper is at the center of the fold

Pin in place and stitch along the edges backstitching at both ends.

Now turn your pouch inside out. Poke the corners out and topstitch the opening.

Your Samosa is ready!

You can even make a coin pouch from 4 charm squares and a few scraps. Or you can use scraps to make a block of your choice and trim it down to 6.5″ square for the outer fabric!
Go ahead! Make those lovely samosas for your dear ones. Once you get the hang of it, you can make one in about 15 minutes!!! And dont you worry about making it perfect… As Takashi Nakamura says, “If you ever come across a piece of pottery that is perfect, you can be confident that it was produced by a machine. With pottery, you must seek near perfection. If you look carefully enough, you will always find some slight blemish that serves to remind us that the piece was crafted by a human hand. The longer you have to search, the greater the craftman, for it was only Giotto who was able to draw the perfect circle.”
Now dont go scratching your brains about who Nakamura was, he is a character in Jeffrey Archer’s False Impression! I just finished reading it!
Merry Christmas!!!