If you are anything like our family then the build up to Christmas involves copious amounts of baking. When I got married, not only did I get myself a husband but I also was handed 4 sides of laminated A4 cards covered with recipes for baking Christmas cookies. And come what may every Christmas I have to bake each and every one of the recipes on those cards regardless of whether anyone in our house actually eats the cookies or not.

Whenever I start rolling my eyes at the prospect of endless baking, I remember that it is a family tradition for my husband and that my girls simply love helping out. To make the whole thing a bit more fun for me I decided that each year I would make my girls some aprons to help with the baking, and thereby stamp my print on the family tradition. (my poor girls – not only will they have to carry on the baking tradition when they are grown up but they will also have the task of sewing aprons!!!)


When I saw Novella, a new line by Valori Wells, I just knew it would be perfect for this year’s aprons. And it totally is! Head on over to the Freespirit blog to find the tutorial for how to make this simple apron. You could whip up a couple by lunchtime!

You can download the template here.

Add be sure to leave a comment below telling us your favourite Christmas bakery treats to be entered into a giveaway for a Field Study charm pack by Anna Maria Horner.