Dear FQ readers,

this is Lynne from and I need your help with a quilt that has gone wrong.

I had decided to make one quilt for each of my kids and the other quilts had gone according to plan. I had made this quilt for one of the twins:

This quilt for the other twin:

And this quilt for one of the boys:

But when I came to make quilt no. 4, it all went downhill.

We decided he wanted something a bit like this fabulous Natalia Bonner /Whitnee North quilt (

But didn’t want the cream fabrics or the green fabrics or anything with flowers or dots and also wanted some plain black. And now we’ve ended up with this:

Which we both think is just kind of blah or even worse than blah. I don’t mind ripping it up and starting again, adding some more colour, adding in different strips, cutting it up somehow and re-piecing. I just need ideas of where to go next.

He’s 12 and into football (Manchester United so red could feature) and guitars and he did like the big initial on the original so that’s a possibility. He’s keen not to have anything on it that might vaguely be interpreted as being girly (hence no flowers and no dots…!). HELP!!!