I had so much fun working on Fat Quarterly’s Aurifil Thread Challenge.  Despite the excitement I felt when I opened the package of gorgeous, colorful threads, it took me a little while to figure out what I wanted to use them for.  First, I visited Aurifil’s website to better understand the different weights of thread, which was very educational.  My thread package included two spools of 12 wt thread, best for embellishment, one 28 wt hand quilting thread, one 50 wt piecing thread, and one 40 wt machine quilting thread.

I can’t quite remember where I first fell in love with the traditional Weathervane block, but it’s been on my quilty bucket list for a long time.  I decided I would make a small table runner with two blocks, and set about to find some fabrics that would work well with the bright thread colors.  I pulled together some fabrics and got to cutting.

First, I wound up the black 50 wt piecing thread in a bobbin.  I have to say, winding bobbins is usually a very boring task, but this time it was kind of interesting – as the thread wound onto the bobbin, it was practically silent.  Not that my machine is usually noisy, but it’s never been silent like this before.  The same happened when I wound a bobbin with the hot pink 40 wt machine quilting thread. I loaded up my piecing thread and got to piecing.  Again, my machine was quieter than it’s ever been while piecing.  It was almost as though I wasn’t sewing at all, the thread just glided through my machine so quietly!

Granted, piecing with black thread wasn’t maybe the best idea in the world, since it showed through a little bit after pressing my pieces, but I actually kind of like the defined look it wound up giving my pieces.  Next, I started quilting, using the hot pink 40 wt thread.  I did immediately notice a difference in the way the thread appeared on my fabric – it had a more raised, noticeable appearance.  I had zero tension problems and the quilting was truly enjoyable.

I wasn’t sure if the 28 wt green thread would be compatible in my machine, since it wasn’t entirely clear from what I read about it, but I thought I’d give it a try, since I’m practically allergic to hand-stitching.  I loaded up a bobbin, and started adding a simple decorative stitch around the border of my runner.

I had two spools of 12 wt thread, one varigated neutral thread and one bright blue.  I opted to go with the bright blue and threaded one of my hand-quilting needles.  I have only hand-quilted with Perle cotton previously, and while the look of hand-quilting with Perle cotton is a bit different, I do really like the look of my truly wonky hand quilting stitches with this thread.

All in all, I suppose my favorite thread was the piecing thread, but that’s primarily because at least 70% of the sewing I do is piecing.  Each thread was different and unique and offered a different finished look, and I really like the versatility.  I really enjoyed participating in this challenge, and I can definitely say I will use Aurifil threads again in the future!  Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate, Fat Quarterly and Aurifil!