Hi! I’m Julianna and I blog over at Sewing Under Rainbow.

A big thanks to Fat Quarterly team and Aurifil for Fat Quarterly’s Aurifil Thread Challenge!  When I got e-mail telling me that I’ll be participating in this challenge, I was very excited. I haven’t got opportunity to test such threads in the past (I use mainly polycotton threads of local manufacturers).  When I opened my Aurifil package:

I just knew that these threads are different than these I usually use!  I decided to make simple pillow and try machine quilting to show the beauty of hexagons. I used two colors of Aurifil threads (gray 1158 and pink 4020 – both cotton).

I’m really pleased with working with these threads. The details make huge difference! They fit spool pin in my machine perfectly, when I cut it using automatic thread cutter they don’t divide in smaller parts and sewing with them it’s absolutely perfect! Just look at the stitches and you’ll know why I love Aurifil threads:

I got also red wool thread – I’ll use them to hand stitch table runner (too late for this year’s Christmas): I’m sure that my adventure with Aurifil threads just begun!  I hope that soon Polish stores will have it and I’ll be able to buy it (so far only one on-line store has one color of Aurifil threads).