Do you use Aurifil?  Do you like it?  Which weight threads do you prefer?  Aurifil have provided us with ten sample packs for a Designer Challenge so we need ten willing volunteers who are up for a challenge.

First here’s a quick round up of the five threads you will get in the sample pack and what you might use them for.

50wt – orange spool – 100% cotton – the lightest weight Aurifil thread.  Ideal for machine and hand piecing and hand applique. Can also be used for machine and hand quilting for a more subtle look.

40wt – green spool – 100% cotton – slightly heavier.  Ideal for machine quilting.  Can also be used for hand and machine piecing and hand and machine applique.

28wt – grey spool – heavier again.  Ideal for machine and hand quilting when you want the thread to show more clearly on your quilted.  Also for raw edge applique finishing on the machine or by hand.

12wt – red spool – comes in cotton or wool – ideal for embroidery, cross-stitch, hand blanket stitch and similar decorative stitches.  Can also run through the machine for a very strong quilted look – on my machine straight line quiting is fine with the 12wt but FMQ is a bit of a struggle but not impossible!

So we are looking for readers to participate in this Design Challenge.   You can make whatever you like with these threads.  Something pieced.  Some applique.  Some FMQ or straight line quilting.  Some cross stitch or embroidery.  Or a mixture of all of those.  Leave a comment on this post and ten readers will be picked, notified and sent a sample pack of five threads.