Sewing Summit (aka Katy’s triumphant return to Salt Lake City!)

We’re huge supporters of Erin & all of the work that she and her team have done to bring what began as a really good idea to life.  They put on the first Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City last October and it was an undeniable success.  So much so, that its attendees hadn’t even returned home yet when everyone was already itching to make reservations for the 2012 event.

Well, good news, friends!  The dates for this year’s event have been announced: October 11-13, back in the same venue in SLC.  Registration’s not open just yet, but you can sign up for the Sewing Summit newsletter to be among the first to be notified when it does.

And some even more exciting news: our very own Katy Jones has been selected to be an instructor for Sewing Summit 2012!  You won’t want to miss her (sure to be) awesome class on English Paper Piecing.  The chance to learn English Paper Piecing from a genuine Brit?  Yes, please!

Oh, and you also won’t want to miss the unique spectacle of seeing Katy cross the street in Salt Lake City.  TRUST ME on this one.

Photos taken in Salt Lake City during Spring Quilt Market 2011!

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Made from Fat Quarterly!

We love seeing projects that you make from Fat Quarterly patterns!  Today we’re rounding up a few recent additions to the Fat Quarterly Flickr pool, all made by members of the Fat Quarterly community from our many issues, patterns, and project ideas.

4 seasons WIP

First, here’s Renee‘s version of Lynne’s Summer Trees pillow that’s featured in our most recent issue, Issue 8.

Brit Bee Constellation Quilt

Next up, here’s a quilt inspired by Katy’s Constellation quilt from Issue 5, made by members of the Brit Bee virtual quilting bee and assembled and posted by member Hadley (Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle).


We couldn’t help but add Jeanne‘s little fox, made from Tacha’s Mr. Fox cushion pattern that appeared in Issue 4.

Bob One!

Our friend JulieFrick made this stunning modern mini quilt, based upon Chawne‘s “Bob” quilt, also featured in Issue 4 (our solids issue).

Evie and Kat soaking up the sun

These two cuties — named Evie & Kat! — were made by Shannon from a pattern by Katy in our 2010 Holiday Special issue.

Hexed In Pillow - The Finish!

And finally, Tiffany made this gorgeous Hexed In pillow in shades of green & purple, mixed with natural linen.  The Hexed In pattern, designed by Tacha, was in our very first issue of Fat Quarterly.

Have you made anything recently from a Fat Quarterly pattern?  Please be sure to add it to our Flickr pool.  We’d love to see it, and maybe feature it in an future blog post!

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The Basic Charity Challenge 2012

For the second year in a row, Cara Wilson from Cara Quilts has issued a challenge to the quilting community.  Cara, the host of the ever-popular weekly #talknt chat on Twitter for quilters everywhere, is asking for us all to help those less fortunate in our communities and, in return, she’s offering up some fantastic prizes.  Here’s more from Cara’s post on the 2012 challenge:

In our daily lives we have a lot of things we think of as basics.
This morning you brushed your teeth with a toothbrush and tooth paste.
You used toilet paper.
Had soap to wash your hands.
Put on some deodorant.
Ran a brush through your hair.
Maybe took a shower with shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a razor.
Put some make-up on.
You were able to put on clean underwear and socks, that no one else has ever worn.
In the kitchen did you grab some paper towels to clean up a little spill?
At some point during the day you probably grabbed a coffee or tea.
Used some tissue to blow your nose. Maybe sanitized your hands after.
I could go on but you probably have the point by now. We have a LOT of things that we consider basics.
In each of our communities there are places that people don’t have the very basic things we all take for granted. Shelters — for abused women/children, homeless, men’s missions — exist in virtual every community. They are a necessary safety net for people in our communities who for an array of reasons need help. But these shelters are almost always in need of the basic items. Many of the people have had to leave everything behind, or don’t have anything to begin with.
So here’s Cara’s challenge: identify a local shelter or charitable organization in your local community.  Ask them what they need.  Check online — they probably have a website and most have a list of what is needed at that particular time.  Make a donation of basic goods, and upload a picture of your donation to the Flickr group.  That’s it!  By doing so, you’ll be eligible to win some great prizes from Cara’s very generous sponsors, like fat quarter bundles, jelly rolls, quilting books, patterns, and more.
But the best prize of all will be knowing you made a difference.

Want to spread the word?  Blog about the Basic Charity Challenge 2012, and add the button to your blog or site.  Here’s the code:

<a href=”” title=”Basic Charity Challenge 2012 by cara quilts, on Flickr”><img src=”” width=”159″ height=”146″ alt=”Basic Charity Challenge 2012″></a>

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It’s TIME for Issue 8!

Quilter's Clock

Today’s the day! Fat Quarterly Issue 8 — our paper-piecing issue — is now available for purchase. What will you find in issue 8? In addition to all the instructions you’ll need to make the ingenious wall clock above, the perfect accessory for a quilter’s studio as designed by Sylvie Roussel, as well as 6 original quilt patterns, 4 pillow tutorials, a potholder, a tea cozy, gobs o’ new quilt blocks, and a whole lot more.

At only $8, it’s still the best value in all of quilt-land!

Head on over to our Buy Now page to order your copy and, as always, we can’t wait to hear what you think!

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Issue 8 | We’ve got pillows!

If pillows are your thing, then we’ve got you more than covered with our newest issue.

Star Flower

Fat Quarterly Issue 8 - This is so cool being part of it

These two variations of the same pillow top pattern represent Aylin Ozturk‘s contribution to issue 8.  Full paper-piecing templates are available for the Starflower pillow as well as for its counterpart, the Flowerstar pillow.

Applie Pie Pillow

Our own Tacha Bruecher made the above pillow, a variation of the classic apple core pattern hand-sewn using paper templates and made with Lotta Jansdotter’s new Echo line.

Summer Trees paper pieced pillow

And here’s a striking pillow that Lynne calls her Summer Trees pillow.  She used fabrics from Lucie Summers’ upcoming line for Moda Fabrics, Summersville, to give this pillow its fresh and modern look.

Would you believe me if I said there were even more pillow patterns in issue 8?  ’Tis true, along with 6 original quilt patterns, tons of quilt block patterns, all-new features, and more.  You can purchase issue 8 of Fat Quarterly through our buy page starting tomorrow, Tuesday 31 January.

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Issue 8 | Elixir Bottle Wall Hanging

Elixir Bottle

When we set out to compile an issue all about paper piecing, we didn’t want to do it without the fabulously talented Penny Layman of Sew Take a Hike.  That’s why we’re thrilled that issue 8 features this whimsical Elixir Bottle wall hanging, a Penny original.

Find this fun project and lots, lots more in issue 8 of Fat Quarterly, on sale for single issue purchase this Tuesday, 31 January.

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Issue 8 | Double Happiness Quilt

Double Happiness Quilt

Here’s another sneak peek at an all-new, original quilt pattern that you’ll only find in issue 8 of Fat Quarterly.  This one was designed and made by our very own John, and it showcases Kate Spain‘s newest fabric collection for Moda, Good Fortune.  He calls it Double Happiness, and hopes making it brings as much happiness to you as it did to him.

Issue 8 of Fat Quarterly begins hitting subscribers’ email boxes TODAY, and goes on sale for individual purchase on Tuesday, 1/31.

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Gearing Up for Issue 8

We’ve been hard at work preparing Issue 8 of Fat Quarterly for all of our wonderful readers & subscribers.  Emails will begin going out to our subscribers tomorrow with your access codes, and Issue 8 will go on sale for general purchase on Tuesday, January 31st.  To celebrate, we’ve invited a special friend to introduce our theme for this issue to you …

Geared-Up Robot

Well, hello there!  Who is this?  It’s our Geared-Up Robot, here to reveal that issue 8 of Fat Quarterly is all about paper piecing!  The Geared-Up Robot was designed and made by Jenny Novinsky for the Electric Quilt Company, and you can find Jenny’s pattern — as well as a useful guide on how to use EQ7 to design your own cute stuffed figures — in issue 8.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of projects from our newest issue.

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Merry Christmas!

The Fat Quarterly team would like to wish bobbins of joy, spoolfuls of love, bolts of heath & happiness, and yards & yards of creative inspiration to our many friends throughout the globe. Enjoy this special time with your loved ones, but don’t forget to take a few moments to feed your soul.

All the best for 2012!

FQ Merry Christmas!

1. Early pics!, 2. Savvy Season Pillow Top 2, 3.,
4. pretty in patchwork gift bag, 5. christmas quilt blocks, 6. Christmas Wallhanging, 7. Early pics!,
8. Christmas trees hoop ornament, 9. TtTHOS – tree ornaments, 10. 12 days of Christmas tabletopper border,
11. MCTR Front, 12. The Hood Tree Skirt Front, 13. Savvy Seasons Swap Pillow
14. Not available15. Not available16. Not available

12 Days of Ruby Star | Melody’s Signature Headscarf

Happy Christmas Eve!  On this 12th day of Ruby Star, I’m going to show you how to make a classic Melody Miller headscarf out of Ruby Star fabric.

First, download and print your template.  Be sure to print at full scale!  Now, cut along the diagonal line that best describes your head (pixie, melody size, or big hair!)

Fold your fabric in half and align the short end of the triangle with your fold.  Use a straight edge and rotary cutter to cut 1/4″ outside the 2 long edges of the triangle.  (Sadly, the 8.5″ x 11″ paper template isn’t big enough for my seam allowances. You have no idea how this disappoints me:)

The next part is the easiest ever. For heavier-weight fabrics from my fall lines, simply fold and iron all three edges back toward the wrong side of the fabric by 1/4″. A little starch will give you nice crisp edges. Trim away any wonky points. Then do a nice wide zig-zag stitch with a 1/4″ seam allowance around all three edges capturing the folded edge on the back.

Alternately, you can first zig-zag stitch or serge the three edges and then fold back by 1/4″.  If you do this, you can stitch the folds down with a decorative stitch.  See… fancy!


Now all you have to do is attach a ribbon.  You’ll need about 40″ for this project. For some reason I seem to have a lot of sheer ribbon (probably because it’s always in the dollar bin at Michael’s), so that’s what I like to use.  I would recommend avoiding slippery satin ribbons because it may come untied and awkward social situations will ensue.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Fold your ribbon in half and pinch a crease in the center. Line up this crease with the center of your scarf. Stitch the ribbon down along the longest edge of the triangle, as close to the edge of the fabric as you can get it. I like to stitch both long sides of the ribbon down to the fabric.

You can see the design of the fabric through the ribbon.  Isn’t that pretty?

And… voila!  You have a classic Melody Miller headscarf!

Okay, I’m gonna show you one more thing: how to make a reversible scarf with a pretty trim. It’s easy-peasy. Cut out 2 fabrics using your template. If you have a pretty piece of trim, pin it to the long side of one of the triangles, about 1/2″ away from the edge.

Sew the trim down. Put this triangle right-sides-together with the other, and sew all the way around with a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Leave a 4″ opening on one of the short sides.  Turn the scarf right side out, and press. Topstitch along all 3 sides with a 1/8″ seam allowance, closing the 4″ opening.  Attach ribbon to the opposite side from the trim according to the instructions above.
Now, let’s talk about the most important part of this project: how to wear your scarf.  I have many years of experience under my belt, and I’m willing to share some of my best tips here.

1) Do your ears poke out? Mine do. Make sure the scarf sits on top of your ears. See? Problem solved.

2) Does pulling baby hairs out of the back of your neck not sound like a good time?  Pin your hair up quickly before you tie the scarf on.  Then you can tie it happily with all your hair out of the way.  Do you look extra-awesome now? Leave your hair pinned up!  Not so much? Let it back down.

3) Do you look like you’re ready for a day of yard work?  Well, change your clothes, lady. Wear a cute outfit with your scarf… hello.

4) Having weird face or hair shape issues? (We never said this was effortless).  Push the scarf back so the front of your hair will show.  Don’t tie it too tight unless that flatters you, whereupon tie it tighter! Move your hair around until it has the right shape in combo with your scarf.  There, that’s better.

I hope to see lots of pics of people sporting their new scarves… Happy Holidays!