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Kids Sewing – Christmas Tree

A quick project for you and your kids – just in case you have a spare afternoon in the busy lead up to Christmas!

This is a fabulous project for using up scraps and very child friendly as there is no need to measure at all. Just sew and trim.


And yes we enjoy sewing in our pyjamas! Actually this was at about 7.30 am on a Sunday morning when Amelie woke me up as she was so excited about our sewing morning!


Start by picking out strips of green fabric for your tree. Arrange them in a tree shape and choose strips of white fabric to sew to each side of each of the green strips.


Sew each row and trim.

Sew the rows together. Trim and sew white strips to the top and bottom of the tree. Trim to your desired size. Use for placemats, a pillow cover, quilt blocks…!!

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Sizzix Quilters

A heads up to all of you who use the Sizzix machines to cut your fabric shapes. The people over at Sizzix.co.uk have just launched a new page dedicated to quilting.


This new page makes it much easier to navigate through the catalog of dies to find the exact ones you are after. And there are lots of downloadable patterns to get your creative juices flowing.

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Fabric Worm Coupon – Issue 15

5% off all orders of $50 or more at www.fabricworm.com with code: fq5off

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Silhouette Cameo Machine

A few weeks ago I visited a craft show in Berlin. I was pretty disappointed with what I saw at the show until I stumbled across the Kreativ Plotter stand and fell in love with the Silhouette Cameo machine.


To be honest I have had my eye on this machine for a while but hadn’t seen it up close or really looked into all the possibilities for using the machine. And once I saw it there was really no holding back. Seeing as Christmas was just around the corner I decided to do my husband a favour and purchase the machine then and there as a Christmas present to myself.

OK so back to the machine and what it can do!

If you are looking to cut a whole load of shapes to stitch together into a quilt this is most certainly not the machine for you. The Sizzix Big Shot is a far better choice as with a couple of cranks you can churn out dozens of shapes ready to sew. But if you want to sew intricate applique designs or cut intricate stencils for stamping on fabric then you really want to take a look at this machine.


The Silhouette machines can cut vinyl, paper, cardboard, chipboard, stamping material, freezer paper and fabric (amongst other things!). It can cut materials up to 3m in length. Can you imagine that? You could potentially feed a whole roll of freezer paper into the machine and cut out stencils to print whole Panels of fabric…. I have to admit that idea gets me super excited!!!


What is also really great is that there are no dies to purchase to use with the machine. All you need do is connect the machine to your Computer and you can cut pretty much anything you want. The machine itself comes with a whole load of designs and there is also a library online where you can purchase additional designs for about $1 each. And the designs available are great!

I purchased a couple of Christmas designs and used them to cut out some freezer paper stencils. I used the stencils on some old T-Shirts to make some quick and easy gifts for Christmas.


** As an extra note to those in the UK. I am told that the machine is cheaper in Germany, even with postage added on!

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Quilt Kit Market Coupon Issue 15


Visit Quilt Kit Market and get 10% off your first order with code FQM

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Fat Quarterly Retreat 2014

Tickets are on sale now!!!




For more Information visit our retreat page:


Fat Quarter Shop Coupon – Issue 15

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Issue 15 Xmas 2013 – out now!!!!


Issue 15 out now!!! Subscribers need only to log into their accounts to find the links to this issue. Otherwise you can purchase it here.



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