Our first featured designer in the Basic Grey Designer’s Challenge is Wynn Tan (@zakkaArt), who blogs all about her beautiful creations at zakkaArt.  Wynn is a talented sewist and quilter currently living in Singapore.  We sent Wynn the Laurel sampler and an assortment of Basic Grey buttons.  Read on to read more about Wynn’s creative approach to the challenge and see the beautiful canvas she created.

Hi, I’m Wynn from zakkaArt and it’s my utmost pleasure to join this Designer’s Challenge!

When I received this “almost” blank canvas, I was elated and almost jumping into making something for it. But eventually, it took me two whole weeks to think about what I really wanted to do.

Theme: Garden Home

From the very beginning, I just wished to make flowers! All kinds of flowers! I love flowers a lot. Living in city surrounded by high rise buildings and no backyards or gardens, we always look forward to going to parks or the botanical gardens just to look at flowers, trees, grass… It sounds ridiculous but it’s so true over here.

It was a headache for me to think of the flower designs since I have not sewn any flowers before (I cannot believe myself too). But our craft community had been a great help! I searched online for pictures and tutorials which are aplenty.

Choosing of fabric was a breeze… since I only chose my favorites! To make the canvas more interesting, I used grosgrain, ribbon, felt and lace to make the flowers too. Not just fabric.

Hand sewing the flowers was a happy task for me. I love hand sewing. With all the ideas in my mind, I whipped up all the flowers just in one night. I’m not kidding! I was grinning all night with so much happiness looking at the flowers!

Next to-do was matching the buttons with the flowers. Oh, did I say all the buttons from Basic Grey look so beautiful…? I was caught in between many a times trying to position the buttons in all places. But it was so much fun seeing how each button can make a flower look so different.

The colors I used for this canvas are red, pink, yellow, orange, green, brown. Happy colors. In my mind, it was a picture of lush greenery full of flowers and trees. And small insects and animals like ladybugs and frogs.

As you can see from the pictures, I did not fill all the blanks with flowers. Instead, I cut some of my favorite fabric and glued them onto the canvas directly. Frankly, I was a little giddy from too many flowers. I love how the canvas look without being too messy.

I especially love this flower above!  It’s so bright and cheery with my much loved vintage button.

The canvas is of good quality and easy to sew the flowers and buttons on. I love how the different “compartments” challenges our creativity to put something different in each box.

That’s how the canvas looked before. Just blank circles. I call them “compartments”.

And that’s the look after all my hard work! I’m so loving it!

Thank you Fat Quarterly for allowing me join this amazing challenge! It was sure a lot of fun for me!