Today we welcome the talented (& hilarious!) Jana Nielson (@izzynivyjana) to the blog.  Jana is a true creative force, as evidenced through her pattern and design business, Izzy & Ivy Designs, which has a focus on boutique patterns, clothing, and accessories for girls.

We sent Jana a Basic Grey Rook sampler and, as you’ll see, she went in a completely different direction with her design.  We’re still amazed by how many different ways these blank canvases can be personalized based upon the designer’s inspiration.  Let’s hear more from Jana and check out her beautiful work …

When I first saw the canvas I was drawn to the fancy curly Q’s along the edges. They reminded me of one of my favorite design periods: Art Deco.  I have always loved its clean lines and contrast of colors.  When I was in costume design I loved the style of Erte, so I took my inspiration from there.

I surfed the internet looking at the shapes and styles of Art Deco.  I picked my colors from the Basic Grey buttons that I was given.  Instead of using fabrics in my piece I choose to use my Prisma Color pencils, and collection of Sharpie markers.

You will probably notice that this is perfectly imperfect. The lines are all hand drawn to stick with the more primitive look of the colored pencil.

I could have, and want to do this canvas 100 different ways. What a fun challenge to be given a group of objects to inspire and add inspiration to our ideas. Thanks for letting me be a part of this!