I had a totally different idea for this canvas involving freezer paper stencils, fabric paint and the like. Perhaps a little linen and some stencilled letters etc… But on the day I decided to get stuck in and start playing with ideas, my daughter Amelie was home from her daycare with a slight fever. She immediately brightened up when she saw me starting to colour in the border with a blue sharpie and told me she could do a better job.

Since she more often than not can do a better job, I surrended my sharpie to her and let her finish off colouring in the border. At this point it became clear that I was not going to get my hands on the canvas again!

Amelie decided that the little frames were perfect for highlighting her little sketches. At first I have to admit to being a little sceptical as the circles are really quite small. But Amelie was not to be beaten and busied herself in drawing little sketches on paper to prove I was wrong!

And she was most definitely right! In my opinion she completely nailed it!

What makes it more special for me is that each of her little pictures is something that means something to her. There is a picture of our family, of our house, of the tree in our garden, of a squirrel and even of our cat!

Amelie had so much fun with the canvas that she completely forgot that she was supposed to be sick and we had a thoroughly enjoyable day together planning, sketching and colouring. I think these canvases are going to make fabulous Christmas presents this year and in the meantime Amelie has a special work of art to hang in her bedroom.