Today’s guest blogger is Australian fabric designer, Aunty Cookie. Shannon is going to be talking to us about her design process.

The way I tackle designing fabric is exactly the same I tackle any work I do. Fast, slap dash and often rushed between kids sleeps. Some ideas come pretty quick and its just a matter of me sitting at the computer and whipping it out – other ideas may fester for months before I actual get a chance to sit down and let it out. But honestly, most of the time I take the idea straight to the computer rather than sketching, doodling, whatever designers are meant to do to develop a pattern to the point they are satisfied it is ready.

My ‘Cheater’ fabric was a festering idea. I knew I wanted to make a cheater panel, I knew I wanted to include elements of multiple crafts – embroidery, crochet, knitting, patchwork. And maybe chuck in bit of typography to spice it up & connect it to my other fabrics. I use flickr as my main site of sourcing visuals these days. By typing on a few keywords I can fill my inspiration boards with tonnes of pictures – and it was this that that really pushed this cheater print to completion. Looking back it seems fitting that this design for crafters is inspired by the crafters themselves, by the awesome stuff they whip up.

I always design in black and white. Its only once its finished that I play around with print colours. But obviously I’m a one colour print girl. All my fabrics are hand printed by local screen printers – each screen they make costs money, hence the sticking to one screen. And to just justifying my tightass’edness for printing one colour, I shall say that I don’t see that printing this way is a disadvantage at all- I mean Id be lying to say I wouldn’t like to work in full colour – but one colour prints match in nicely with other ranges, mine or others. People can add it into their stashes and blend it with other ranges. With one colour there is no pressure to buy a whole range of fabrics just to make it co-ordinate, because really – what matches in my eyes in terms of colour & print ain’t always what matches in yours, right?

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