Flickr Feature

Amazing Orange

This was my first time curating the themed inspiration mosaic, and let me tell you — it was tough! The Fat Quarterly Community & Inspiration Flickr group is chock full of wonderful photos. You should swing by for a visit if you haven’t already, bookmark it, and add your favorite photos for the current theme!

Want to get involved? Our next theme is “Vibrant Violet”. Have you made or seen anything that’s pretty in purple? Add it to the group, and it may end up in our March mosaic!

Glorious Green

It was so tricky to pick this selection, so much green goodness going on over at the flickr group.

1. green wreath, 2. actinidia deliciosa, 3. Circle/bubble cushion, 4. chartreuse and scraps top, 5. another view, 6. Greenfield Hill block 1, 7. accessory bag v1 – finished, 8. HR ticker tape quilt WIP, 9. Green stuff

The next colour theme is ‘Amazing Orange’ and will be showcased here on February 22nd.

Flickr Feature – Doll Quilt Swap

The sign ups for probably the biggest and one of the best, if not the best, swaps on flickr has started.

The Doll Quilt Swap is just about to start its 9th round and if you haven’t heard of the Doll Quilt Swap then go and check out the amazing number of inspirational quilts that are made each round.

We caught up with Susan a.k.a Chickenfoot, the Head Mama in the Doll Quilt Swap to find out more.

How did you start quilting? What inspires you?

I started quilting about 3 years ago with the first doll quilt swap. The bug bit and I haven’t surfaced yet! I draw a lot of inspiration from flickr. There are so many awesomely talented people here. I also work in a local quilt shop, so I am constantly seeing new projects and am surrounded by fabric all the time. Its a good place to be! I like clean modern quilts but also have my foot stuck in the past and adore the quilts of the 30′s and 40′s.

So what is the Doll Quilt Swap all about?

Its a swap for flickr users. We generally get about 170-200 swappers each round. I believe it’s the best swap on flickr, but then I’m biased! It’s simple, you make a quilt for your partner and you receive one in return. Easy peasy.

We also have a blog here.

How did you get involved in the swap?

I joined the group in the first round as a member. Lisa (losabia) started the group after seeing, I believe, Hillary Lang’s (Wee Wonderfuls) doll quilts for a wall in her home, and thought, hey that looks cute! Then in the second round and thereafter I was either a swap mama or the head swap mama. I have been the head swap mama for the past few rounds.

Some of the quilts Susan has made for the swap.

Tell us a bit about what goes on behind the scenes of the swap.

It is quite involved at the beginning of each round. In round 9 there are 10 swap mamas including me. Kimmie, Laura, Lucinda, Anita, Susan, Lynne, Solidia, S?deste and Tacha will all be involved in running the swap with me.

The swap mamas have a separate group for behind the scenes discussions. Each round we make the running of the swap more streamlined. We have a couple spreadsheets where we keep track of everyone (200 people is a lot!) We take sign ups and then once we have everyone I separate them into smaller groups and give them to their mamas. The mamas then match up partners based on preferences specified in their sign up. It takes about a week and a half to get all that done. Then once the swap is under way it’s just a matter of checking in every so often to keep the bebes on task.

What makes a good swapper?

A good swapper in our group is one that is on flickr on a regular basis. Uploading pictures of projects, fabrics, and just life in general. They are involved in a number of groups. They check comments on their pix, and comment on others photos. Generally just being a part of the flickr community, not just popping in at the beginning and ending of the swap. Also a good swapper is someone that responds promptly to emails from their mama, but most of all, a good swapper is one that sends their quilt out on time. It should be a quilt that you would like to receive yourself, not put together at the last minute.

What for you is the best part about being in a swap?

That is a tough one. I love every part of this swap, otherwise I wouldn’t put myself through this every time!!! Everyone involved with this swap is just so great. I have made some great friends, and I get to see all these gorgeous little quilts! We even have a member (Mamacjt) that makes a number of angel quilts each round, she just loves to make them and is very generous.

Some of Susan’s favourite minis from the doll quilt swap

Is there anything people should be careful of when signing up for a swap?

Careful of? Hmm, really just to make sure you can commit to it. Please don’t sign up for something you don’t feel you can finish.

If one of our readers wants to take part in the swap what should they do?

Join the group! If they are a regular flickr member, they shouldn’t have a problem. If they aren’t, start now. There is always next time.

So run don’t walk and go and sign up for the swap!

Pillow Talk Swap 3 Update

The Pillow Talk Swap on flickr is in full swing and almost every day a new finished pillow pops up in the photo pool. Some fantastic pillows have been made so far.

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

1. The Pillow Talk { Swap } finished….,

Rosaechocolat has made this fabulous heart shaped pillow. Some great raw edge applique there!

2. Finished Pillow – Front PTS3,

Wonderful bright colours in this pillow by RapidChipmunks.

3. Pillow Talk Swap 3,

Just “love” this cathedral windows pillow by Burntfingers!

4. Circular logic ~ PTS3,

So many teeny tiny pieces in this pillow! Unbelievable! by Trillium Design

5. Pillow #1 – Pillow swap,

Hope Valley really pops against white! By valmiller

6. Pillow Talk Swap Pillow Done,

Look at this cute hexagon pillow! So creative by Jewel’s Arm Candy

7. pillow talk swap finished!,

Fabulous pillow by our own Katy

8. original birds on a wire,

Cute scene from Nanotchka

9. verna dresden garden,

Just love Dresdens by traceyjay

10. Flying Scissors Front,

Check out that quilting by bettycrockerass

11. Pillow Talk (swap) 3,

Swirly circles by Elisa Bernarda

12. pillow swap 3-complete 3

Simple but so effective by suddenly I see

Which is your favourite?

Flickr Feature – Pillow Talk Swap

According to Wikipedia, Flickr is ‘an image and video hosting website, web services suite, and online community. In addition to being a popular website for users to share and embed personal photographs, the service is widely used by bloggers to host images that they embed in blogs and social media.

Flickr is, in fact how most of us here at Fat Quarterly ‘met’, which brings us to our first Flickr feature – the Pillow Talk Swap. To tell us a little about the Pillow Talk Swap are founders Heather and Kerri.

FQ – Can you tell us a little more about the swap? 
Kerri – ‘The Pillow Talk Swap is intended for online flickr friends with a passion for sewing and { like minded fabrics } who would like to participate in a swap for a Fabulous Home Dec Pillow! It is a “blind” swap where you don’t know who is making a piece for you.  Each member is asked to provide their likes, dislikes, color preferences, and favorite designers that can then be passed on to their blind partner.

At the beginning each member can make a helpful mosaic for their partner that gives examples of what would best represent their style. Heather and I also do our very best to make sure every member is paired with someone who has a similar style!

The Pillow Talk Swap is now in it’s third round and has almost 100 members participating, and has tripled in membership since it’s origination.  Every member brings so much inspiration and talent, it truly astonishes me.’

FQ: What led you and Heather to start the pillow talk swap?

Kerri – ‘Heather and I had both participated in a few other online flickr swaps, we both felt that they were not tailored to modern quilters. It really was a gamble in what you might receive back.   

With that in mind, when talking one day, Heather mentioned how functional a pillow swap would be as you can’t have too many pillows!!  We both thought it would be fun to gather our closest online friends to enjoy a modern pillow swap and it all started from there.   
We have been humbled at the amount of interest of talented quilters and crafters who have asked to participate.   With each swap we “meet” even more amazing people!!’

Fat Quarterly Favourites:

FQ – What do you enjoy most about swaps?
Heather – ‘That?s easy, my friendships.  Anyone familiar with our groups ( IE: The ? { designer ) ? Swappy - Poo, The Pillow Talk { Swap }, and the { Urban } Home Goods ? a Modern Swap ) knows that the talent is immense.  That?s no secret but the humbling part of them, is the kinship between us. 
I can honestly say that Kerri and I are always touched by the surreal support, enthusiasm, and grand excitement that these swaps & groups bring to every crafters spirit.  These communities are filled with the most graceful crafters who consistently thrive at giving each other tremendous credit!  Period.  It is that amazing.’

Fat Quarterly are going to be following the swap with interest. As soon as the pillows are made, we will be asking you to vote on your favourite – there will be prizes available, details to follow.

We would love to hear  about any flickr swaps that you are participating in, drop us a line at and your swap could be our next feature!