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Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack | Fat Quarter Shop

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We’re back with another installment of the Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack series!  For this bundle, I partnered with Kimberly and the team at the Fat Quarter Shop to build a collection centered around the Cross Stitch Bees print in Stone, my favorite print from Melody Miller‘s newest line, Ruby Star Spring.  From there, I pulled together coordinating prints that play off of the tones of teal, orange, raspberry, and plum.  I found that Melissa Averinos’ line, Dazzle, and Rashida Coleman-Hale’s I Heart line look great alongside the focus fabric.

I love how this bundle turned out, and I already have a quilt pattern in mind.  I will likely supplement my bundle with additional yardage of the bee print as well another solid — maybe a linen or other fabric with some texture, in a dark earth tone.

I hope you are as inspired as I am by this fantastic fabric pack!  If so, you can find this Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack here.

Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack with Wondrous Wovens

For this installment of the Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack we’ve partnered with the wondrous Cathy of Wondrous Woven Fabrics, our favorite spot to shop for some of our favorite hard-to-find fabrics.  Cathy’s got a great eye for fabric and stocks an eclectic mix of prints that includes Isso Ecco & Heart, Daisy Janie organics, Lonni Rossi, and Sharon Sowell.

For this fabric pack — one of our favorite (and most modern) yet — we’ve pulled together some of our current obsessions: Moda Cross Weaves, Marcia Derse, Modern Madness champion Habitat, some Anna Maria Horner, and a mosaic print by Meera.

We hope you love it as much as we do!  You can purchase the fabric pack here … and be sure to say “hi” to Cathy for us!

TOP ROW: Marcia Derse, graphite from Modern Textiles: Marcia Derse, Birch Bark turquoise; Anna Maria Horner; turn of events in plum (Innocent Crush)

BOTTOM ROW: Jay McCarroll, drop cloth in plum (Habitat); Moda Cross Weave in natural; Meera, mosaic in sage (Watercolour Garden)

Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack with Log Cabin Yardage

Today we’re excited to welcome our newest sponsor, Nicole from Log Cabin Yardage.

Log Cabin Yardage is an online shop selling a selection of fabrics, patterns and even finished quilts.  We’ve put together a fun new Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack together with Nicole, but before we unveil it we wanted to get to know a little more about the shop.

Tell as a bit about Log Cabin Yardage? How did it come about?

Log Cabin Yardage came about as I was getting interested in quilting, and frustrated by the lack of selection at my local chain fabric store, as well as lack of quality for price. At the same time my sister was starting her own home based sewing business, and had the same issues, so I decided to start Log Cabin. It also allowed me to access the designers I was seeing in magazines and blogs from the states, albeit shipping does take longer. Log Cabin is presently operated out of my house part time and serves as justification for my fabric addictions and inability to resist colour and pattern when I get the fabric line headers to order from.

You are planning on opening a brick and mortar shop in the coming future? Tell us more…

I do plan to open a shop, but the location will be at my daughters’ school, which is going to rebuilt. It is a private Montessori school, and the new building is now taking longer than planned. We all know what has happened to the economy and mortgages, and while not as bad in Canada as the States the economic situation did stall the building plans. So timing is a bit up in the air. But I am fixed on the location!

I have a background teaching kids (arts and sports), and classes would form part of the shop, specifically for kids. Their school does teach sewing, so the interest is there. My husband, who is a stay home dad, also a photographer, and helps at the school, would be in the shop and able to work close to the girls. So while the plans are a bit out of my control it will come to be at some point.

Are you a quilter? What are you favourite projects to work on?

I guess I am a quilter. I also sew with my girls, or make projects on demand and the occasional skirt….. My 7 year old was convinced I should do her solo costume but I avoided that!

I love to juxtapose colours and pattern – be the colours solids or just the colour of the patterns. I also like the puzzle of the construction of the quilt and the patchwork blocks. Although traditional quilting done by hand can be mindblowing, I use a machine currently due to too many years goaltending in soccer – my hands get stiff so I didn’t want to start something I won’t be able to keep doing.

My favourite projects – are whatever I am currently playing with. Finishing is not a strong suit of mine, I have a commendable number of wip’s or ufo’s – for the amount of time I actually manage to sew!

What’s your favourite fabric line at the moment?

I couldn’t tell you a favourite, there are too many. I just got into batiks, something I was never going to do, but I got some bright saturated colour ones and can totally see the use for them. For different reasons I like Basic Grey – the tight patterns and crisp lines with layers of detail. I still like Simple Abundance as it is so calm and detailed. I also like Deb French’s Fresh Flowers due to the vibrancy and colour. See – I am all over the map for different reasons!

In the market for some fabric for a new project?  Why not pay Nicole a visit over at Log Cabin Yardage and check out what she has to offer?  I had fun searching through all of the fabulous fabrics Nicole has to offer and found a bunch of stuff I would LOVE to have.   I even put together a fun fabric pack of 9 fat quarters that I think would make an amazing patchwork project:


1. Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey
2. Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey
3. Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey
4. Henna Garden by Sandi Henderson
5. Habitat Plaid by Bernatex
6. Bella Solids by Moda
7. Hushabye by Tula Pink
8. Java Coffee Type by Deb Strain
9. Habitat Dandelion by Bernatex

Do you like it too?  If you’d like to purchase this bundle, simply contact Nicole and let her know.  She’d be happy to pull it together for you!

Example Block

Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack | Above All Fabric

It’s time for another installment of the Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack.  We’ve partnered with Melanie of Above All Fabric to create this fun pack of 9 fat quarters.  This particular bundle was inspired by the Topiary print in the center of the mosaic, from Tula Pink’s Parisville line.  From there, we pulled some other prints that played off of its shades of purple, green, and blue.  The Bella solid in Slate from Moda’s Bella solid line would be a great backdrop for block sashing or a quilt’s background that would allow the prints to really pop.

Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack | Above All Fabrics

Top row: Treetop Downtown Turquoise, Clover Dot Aqua, Lady Dot Soiree
Middle row: Blue Tonal Dot, Topiary Mist, Bella Pistachio
Bottom row: Bella Hyacinth, Bella Etchings Slate,  Orchid Feng Shui Seafoam

Just for fun, I expanded the bundle a bit to show how some other prints might work with the collection.  You can be sure that I’ll be adding those 1001 Peeps prints to my collection when they become available.  They really add a lot of life to this fabric pack!

Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack | Above All Fabrics

If you make something with this (or any) Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack, we’d love to see it!  Please add your projects to our Fat Quarterly Flickr group.

Fat Quarterly on Sew Mama Sew!

We’re excited to announce that Sew Mama Sew! has joined Pink Chalk Fabrics as our online partners offering the Fat Quarterly e-zine to their customers.  You can find Fat Quarterly in the Sew Mama Sew! shop here.  To celebrate, we’ve lined up a series of guest posts on the Sew Mama Sew! blog.

First, we had a blast pulling together a Guest Fat Quarter Designer pack … actually, two fat quarter packs!  Introducing Summer Picnic

… and Evening Breeze!

We selected these fabrics in honor of the warm days and cool nights of spring & summer.  Both bundles are available in the Sew Mama Sew! shop.

Then, our own Katy Jones designed an all-new quilt pattern specifically for Sew Mama Sew! readers.  To see Katy’s “Fit for a Princess!” picnic quilt made from the Honey Child line by Jennifer Paganelli, head on over to the SMS blog here.

Fit for a Princess Quilt

And there’s more to come from FQHQ over on the SMS blog, so keep reading!

You can find us on the Fat Quarterly page in the Sew Mama Sew! shop.  Single issues of Fat Quarterly as well as annual subscriptions (offered at a discounted price) are always available on our Buy Now page.

Tacha’s Fat Quarterly Pack

I have been eagerly waiting for my turn to have a go at the fabric stack game! Picking and auditioning fabrics has to be one of my most favourite parts of the quilting process. Imagining all the projects that could be from each stack – unfortunately just not enough time in the day to make all of the projects I would like!

I went virtual shopping at Lola Pink Fabrics and I could have bought everything! But I was drawn to this print:

Pat Bravo’s Paradise Double Bloom in Ivory

Just love the mix of grey, purple, green blue and splashes of yellow.

So next I looked for co-ordinates to really showcase those colours.

1. Central Park Seneca Reservoir 2. Metro Living Geometric Grass 3. Aviary Geometric Lilac 4. Central Park Cobblestone Reservoir 5. Metro Living Circles Grey 6. Central Park Cobblestones Lawn 7. Kona Crocus 8. Paradise Double Bloom Ivory 9. Metro Living Circles Pewter 10. Daisies and Dots Chain Dots Turquoise 11. Metro Living Circles Green 12. Kona Aqua 13. Central Park Cobblestone Sunshine 14. Sunkissed Life Defined Limeade 15. Kona Chartreuse 16. Kona Charcoal 17. Circa 60 Beach Mod Medium Dot Mineral 18. Central Park Cherry Hill Plaza 19. Kona Ash 20. Central Park Bridlepath Reservoir

Now I would buy ALL of these if I had the choice! I love making quilts with a lot of different fabrics in them. I think it gives them more depth.

But sometimes the wallet just won’t stretch that far so I forced myself to be a bit more selective….

1. Metro Living Geometric Grass 2. Aviary Geometric Lilac 3. Metro Living Circles Grey 4. Kona Crocus 5. Pat Bravo’s Paradise Double Bloom in Ivory
6. Kona Charcoal 7. Kona Aqua 8. Central Park Cobblestone Sunshine 9. Sunkissed Life Defined Limeade

Although to be honest I think I would have to get these as well…. ;-)

1. Metro Living Circles Pewter 2. Daisies and Dots Chain Dots Turquoise 3. Kona Ash 4. Kona Chartreuse
If you also like this selection then head over to Lola Pink Fabrics and snap them up quickly.

Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack

Hi all! John here with this fortnight’s installment of the Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack. I was SO EXCITED to work on this project, because mixing & matching fabrics is my absolute favorite part of the quilt-making process. For this fabric pack I teamed up with Cathy at Wish Upon a Quilt, whose large selection of great fabrics made it really difficult for me to decide on a 9-fabric bundle.
In fact, in my first pass I wound up with 25 fabrics in my bundle:
Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack
Greens & yellows comprise a fun, springtime garden-type mix, with touches of brown and red for some interest. But I knew a bundle of 25 fat quarters would be a tough thing for most quilters to commit to, so I began the process of winnowing it down …
I first cut it down to 16:

Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack
Then 12:

Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack
And, finally, a more manageable bundle of 9 fat quarters:

Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack

This fabric assortment really got its hooks into my brain, and I just had to see it and play with it in person to make sure it “sung” before I recommended it to you all! So I drove over to Wish Upon a Quilt (it’s my local shop!), picked up a bunch of fat quarters, and — over the course of last Friday night and Saturday afternoon — cut everything up into 8.5″ squares and made a simple patchwork quilt.
And you know what? I LOVE it!!
Patchwork Quilt

Note: I did pick up cuts of all of the original 25 prints, plus a few extras and some prints I had in my stash.
Patchwork Quilt
So what do you think? Do you like my selection? If so, the fat quarter bundle is available here. Swing on over to Wish Upon a Quilt and tell Cathy I said “hi”!

Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack

This fortnight’s fabric pack has been put together by Katy. I am sure you will be just as taken with this pack as we are – gorgeous!

This pack can be purchased at Pink Chalk Fabrics

Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack

This fortnights Fat Quarterly Fabric pack has been selected by Nova.

A fun selection of Timeless Treasure’s organic cotton Daisies, Kei Honeycomb Dots & Quilters Linen….

This fabric pack is available at Fabricworm

Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack

Each fortnight a Fat Quarterly team member will put together a bundle of fabric that we think will make a fantastic quilt.

First up, is a lovely selection of fabric put together by Kate.

This bundle can be purcashed from the Fat Quarter Shop, here.