Inspiration Theme Mosaic

Glorious Green

It was so tricky to pick this selection, so much green goodness going on over at the flickr group.

1. green wreath, 2. actinidia deliciosa, 3. Circle/bubble cushion, 4. chartreuse and scraps top, 5. another view, 6. Greenfield Hill block 1, 7. accessory bag v1 – finished, 8. HR ticker tape quilt WIP, 9. Green stuff

The next colour theme is ‘Amazing Orange’ and will be showcased here on February 22nd.

Rich Reds

Some of our favourite ‘Rich Red’ photos.

1. Untitled, 2. I-8 Pete’s Paintbox, 3. Out to the market 1.1, 4. apple, 5. red, 6. vintage crazy quilting, 7. Sets de table, 8. red and white, 9. Red White and Blue Picnic Quilt

The next theme is ‘Glorious Green’. Start sending all your green photos to the group here.

Winter Blues

There have been some stunning ‘Winter Blue’ images sent to the Community & Inspiration group on Flickr.

1. 82.365, 2. custom work, 3. Chris’s Quilt, 4. DQS9 by Poppyprint, 5. work in progress, 6. Pin Toppers, 7. The Blues [Feb 2, 08], 8. Boro Blues – Stitched Patched and Quilted Wall Hanging, 9. Linen and Denim Stripe Block Quilt

Thank you to everyone who participated, the next theme is ‘Rich Reds’ and a mosaic will be posted on the 25th January.

Start sending your ‘Rich Red’ images here.

Flickr Community & Inspiration

The new year is all about fresh starts and resolutions and it is no different here. In this space we want to start showcasing a little more of what you, our readers create.

Each fortnight, a theme will be set and we welcome you to add any photos that you think fit this theme. Then a selection of photos (around 9-10) will be selected and posted here, the Fat Quarterly website.

The first theme is ‘Winter Blues’.

Half to Whole

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My new crochet corner

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You can join the flickr group here and while you are there take a look at some of the amazing – all things blue – photos that have already been added.


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The first mosaic will be shown on January 11th.