Issue 4

Our "ghost" article

We hope by now that many of you are enjoying our latest issue, devoted to the subject of quilting and sewing with solids. The most observant have also alerted us to a missing article in this issue: “Quilting Cotton Solids”, written by our own Tacha Bruecher.

Mysteriously, this article was included in the table of contents but didn’t make its way into the issue. We’re calling it our “ghost” article!

So for those of you who have already purchased issue #4, and as a special bonus to all of our blog readers, we are making the article available as a stand-alone PDF file. You can access it here:

Quilting Cotton Solids, by Tacha Bruecher

For those of you who haven’t yet purchased any of our issues, this is a great preview of what you can expect in our magazine.


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For those of you with no google account, you can download the solids article by clicking on the button below. The button will add a copy of the solids article for $0 to your cart. Simply click to purchase and you can download a copy of the article to your computer the same way you download an issue of the magazine.

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Issue 4 is now available for purchase! CLICK HERE to buy

In this issue you will find:

  • 10 sewing projects
  • Giveaways
  • Articles on Hand Quilting and Using Solids
  • Tutorials on Improv Piecing and EQ7

Plus much more!

frontcover issue 4

We hope you enjoy Issue 4 as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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Issue 4 – Sneak Peek

John’s “Carousel” quilt!

It is a great example of how you can incorporate solids and prints.

Carousel Quilt

Issue 4 goes on sale from January 27th!

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Issue 4 – Sneak Peek

Does your sewing machine need a bit of TLC?

Look no further, Tach has created this beauty.

cover 1

Pattern available in Issue 4 – on sale Jan 27th!

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Issue 4 – Sneak Peek

You too could be cloaked in quilt…project available in Issue 4.

messing about with quilts

Katy’s 80′s Batwing Sweater Quilt!

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Issue 4 – Sneak Peek

The launch of issue 4 is just around the corner! It will be available for purchase from January 27th.

linen utility apron - issue 4

Nova’s utility apron!

We have all loved working on this issue, which is dedicated to solids and hope you are inspired to make your own solid creation.

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