Issue 6

Issue 6 now available!

frontcover Issue 6

I am pleased to report that Issue 6 has launched and is now available for purchase! Subscribers, you should have received your issue via email some time in the past 24 hours.

We hope you enjoy this issue and can’t wait to hear what you think! And, thanks again both for your patience during our short delay and for all of your wonderful wishes for Tacha.


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Update on Issue 6

Thank you for your continued patience with regards to the delay of the release of issue 6.  Unfortunately, Tacha has fallen quite ill and has been in the hospital for about a week now.  She is OK, but we are in a bit of a holding pattern until she is back on her feet.  To give a little glimpse into the inner workings here at FQHQ, Tacha plays a critical role in the final few steps in getting our issues ready for launch.

Please know that the issue has not yet been sent to any of our subscribers, nor is it available yet for individual purchase.  As always, our subscribers, contributors, and sponsors will be sent the issue first, and it will subsequently be made available for purchase.  The issue is indeed complete, and trust me when I say it looks amazing — definitely worth the wait, in my humble opinion!

As soon as we are able to start sending it out, we will post an announcement here on the blog.  We expect that to be in the next few days.  Until then, please enjoy our blog content.

Thanks again — we truly do appreciate your patience and understanding.  And, if you can, please send some virtual hugs Tacha’s way!

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Issue 6 Sneak Peek :: Droplets Mini Paper Quilt

Droplets Mini Paper Quilt

When we announced that our upcoming issue 6 would be all about alternative materials, did you ever think we meant paper?  Yes, that’s right — the adorable “quilt” you see above is made entirely from paper.  It’s called the Droplets Mini Paper Quilt, and it was designed and submitted by the equally adorable Lucie Summers.  You will find it, and all of the other amazing projects we’ve featured this week, in issue 6 of Fat Quarterly, available soon (thanks for being patient with us!)

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Launch of Issue 6 delayed

To our dear readers & subscribers,

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the launch of Issue 6 will be delayed for a short bit.  The issue is complete (and looks amazing!), but it will be a few days before we are able to send it to our subscribers and make it available for purchase.

We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience it might cause.  Please keep your eyes on this space for more information about when Issue 6 will be available.

Thanks for your patience & understanding.

Tacha, Katy, Brioni, and John

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Issue 6 Bonus Pattern – Virginia Reel Pillow

We’re thrilled to welcome Amanda of Amanda Murphy Design as a contributor to Fat Quarterly Issue 6. Her latest line of fabric, Veranda, with Robert Kaufman (shipping August) is bright, elegant and perfect for Summer. Just look how those fresh pinks, aquas and green pop next to the white background.

Not only has she designed a pattern for the stunning Virginia Reel quilt pictured below (in issue 6 of Fat Quarterly, available for purchase 6/27), Amanda has also designed this delightful pillow which is available as a bonus pattern, with our compliments, to everyone. You can locate the PDF for download by clicking HERE.

And that’s not all, folks! Head on over to Amanda’s blog where she’s giving you the chance to win a VERY special prize!

Don’t forget: if you make a Virginia Reel quilt or pillow we’d love to see! You can share your projects in our Flickr group.

Issue 6 Sneak Peek :: Falling Leaves Placemats & Runner

Falling Leaves Placemats and Runner

Have you sewn with linen?  We love it both for the look of it as well as the texture that it adds to any project.  Home decor items are a great place to introduce linen into your repertoire.  In case you need any convincing, witness the stunning Falling Leaves Placemats and Runner, designed and made by the talented Alex Ledgerwood of teaginny designs.  Want to make your own?  The pattern for the Falling Leaves projects are included in issue 6 of Fat Quarterly, on sale this week!

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Issue 6 Sneak Peek :: Chloe’s Tumbler

Chloe's Tumbler

Today’s gorgeous photo comes courtesy of Kristine Tsai, who uses Anna Maria Horner voile fabrics to great effect in designing the Chloe’s Tumbler quilt.  The Chloe’s Tumbler pattern, and many more, will be available in issue 6 of Fat Quarterly, available this week for subsribers and for purchase!

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Issue 6 Sneak Peek :: Heartfelt Pillow

Heartfelt Pillow

Today’s sneak peek is a real charmer.  The Heartfelt Pillow comes to us from Maureen Cracknell and uses felt and a reverse applique technique to create this one-of-a-kind, soft & cozy pillow.  It’s a perfect gift idea or addition to your own home decor.  Think of all of the different color and print possibilities!

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Issue 6 Sneak Peek :: Against Traffic

It’s that time, friends!  The release of Issue 6 of Fat Quarterly is right around the corner.  If you’re a subscriber, you can expect it to start arriving early next week.  Individual issue sales will go live later in the week.  Stay tuned for more detail about release dates as we get closer …

Against Traffic

In the meantime, we want to start sharing some sneak peeks of the amazing projects that will be included in Issue 6.  Our theme for the issue is “Substrates”, or alternative fabrics.  The textile options for quilters have expanded substantially, and new types and variants of fabrics seem to be introduced each year.  Issue 6 will highlight patterns and projects that embrace alternative fabrics.

First up is the beautiful Against Traffic quilt, pictured above.  Against Traffic was designed by our friend Amy Lobsiger of Mrs. Schmenkman’s Quilts, and it uses fabrics from the collection of artist Marcia Derse.  Part hand-dye, part batik, Marcia’s fabrics are a revelation for modern quilters looking to expand beyond the more popular, everyday fabric lines.

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