I have submitted my paper piecing design to @fatquarterly! If you are not a subscriber already, make sure you pre-order your copy before they temporarily suspend sales from 1 January due to the EU VAT rules coming into force. #fatquarterly #vat #mess #vatmoss

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I’m getting close to the finish line with my project for the next issue of #fatquarterly, the paper piecing issue due out in February. Purchase it now before sales are put on hold 31 December due to the uncertainty with VAT within the EU. by bossyoz


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This mini is done and ready to mail tomorrow! Hope you like it partner! #merrygroup #igminiswap @fairlymerry

Shooting Star block from #fatquarterly Quilt Color Workshop. 1 down, 3 to go

Repost from @snugglymonkey, #treeskirt DONE!

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Repost from @snugglymonkey, #treeskirt DONE! Woohoo!! ??????Made using @flossyblossy “The Hood” tree skirt pattern from @fatquarterly 2010 Holiday issue. #christmastreeskirt #christmas #handmadechristmas #quilt #quilting

All back issues on sale until we temporarily suspend sales due to the #VATMOSS mess.  Get them quick!

Check out this fun table runner in our latest issue!

from Instagram http://ift.tt/1rtfpdn

Check out this fun table runner in our latest issue! Get it now (and any back issues and subscriptions ) before we temporarily suspend sales on the 31st due to the #VATMOSS mess.

We hope to resume sales in time for our February issue and will be sending out all pre-orders and subscriptions regardless of what happens.

Fab Christmas stocking pattern in our latest issue!

from Instagram http://ift.tt/1vRWP08

Fab Christmas stocking pattern in our latest issue! Get it now (and any back issues or subscriptions) before we temporarily close our shop on the

31st due to the #VATMOSS mess.


We are sure that none of our Twitter followers could have missed yesterday that we are a bit in shock over how the new law regarding VAT payments for digital goods sales in Europe will affect us and our business.

For those of you not on Twitter we have recently discovered that a new European law will come into effect on 1 January in which all companies selling digital goods in Europe will be subject to pay VAT based on the country of origin of the customer as opposed to the country of origin of the seller.

Fat Quarterly is a small Business registered in the UK supplying digital goods worldwide. We have sales throughout Europe and the rest of the world and up until now have been subject to UK VAT laws. What this will mean for us is that we are now not only subject to UK VAT laws but to the VAT laws of each and every EU member state. An administrative nightmare to keep abreast of all the VAT laws in each country and to file VAT returns in each and every country to which we sell.

What does any of this mean to you our Fat Quarterly Reader?

Well, to start with as with all new laws the way forward is not as crystal clear as we would hope. We are unsure of how we can possibly 100% comply with the new legislation and unfortunately since any mistake could result in unlimited fines imposed on us from ANY EU member state, we are very nervous about continuing to sell until we are 500% certain that we are in compliance. There are still way too many uncertainties regarding the various platforms and payment portals that we use.

So we will be suspending sales of Fat Quarterly from 31 December 2014.

Buy now to avoid disappointment!

We strongly advise you that if you have had your eye on any back issue of Fat Quarterly, or wish to purchase a subscription that you do so before this date. We will also be taking pre-orders for Issue 20 – Paper Piecing due out early February.

What does this mean for current subscribers?

Do not worry. As current subscribers you have already paid for 4 issues and we will uphold our promise to you and continue to put together issues of the finest quality to fulfill the terms of your subscription.

What does this mean for the future of Fat Quarterly?

We are hoping that come February we will be back all pistons firing and in compliance with the new laws.

However, 1 thing is certain. In order to comply with the laws there will be a price increase in both single issues and in subscriptions and at least for European customers if not for all our customers, you will be required to pay VAT on top of the increased price.

Please be reassured that we will do our best to make any price increase as small as possible and it will only be in place to cover additional administration fees incurred by the new law. We hope you will understand and appreciate that this will be the first price increase since we began 5 years ago.

Thank you

All of us at Fat Quarterly really want to thank our whole community for the Support you have shown us over the last 5 years and we hope you will continue to Support us through this tricky time and be back in February to celebrate the come back of FQ!!!!

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C&T Sale of the Year!!!



Don’t miss this chance to save BIG on new & hard to find books, products, and gifts for quiltmaking, fiber arts, needle arts, mixed-media, and more. There is something for all creative types, with overstocked items priced as low as 75% off!


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#fqr2014 post retreat linky party and survey

And so #fqr2014 is over for this year.  We had a blast.  Thank you to all of you for coming and making it such a wonderful weekend.  Thank you to our wonderful teachers for giving such fabulous classes and for being involved all weekend, to our social secretary, Trash for making it such a fun inclusive weekend, to Sandy for being the social media meister and of course to the Jacks for being so #jackquarterly all weekend.


And so we’d love to hear about it all from your perspective.  Write a blogpost and link up to tell us all about your weekend using the link-up below.  And, if you have the time and energy, we would also be grateful if you would take a minute to complete the survey we’ve linked to in this post by clicking right here.  We just want to keep on learning from each retreat and hope to keep on making the event better each year.