This year we have made several changes to the format of the Fat Quarterly Retreat.  Brioni, Tacha and I are in the final stages of preparation for this year’s retreat with only two months to go before the weekend itself.  We took note of your feedback from last year’s retreat and made these changes:

1.   Crucially we are having smaller classes this year and we are filling all of your time so you will have four full sessions of teaching as well as the evening events.  Like last year we have a selection of workshops and table top classes and each session (Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning) will be made up of one workshop or 2 table top classes so every minute of you day can be filled if that’s what you want.

2.   For anyone who wants to take a breather we will also have sit and sew tables manned us and the teachers where you can just sit, chat and sew, share ideas and take advice if needed.  Anyone can sit anywhere and just join in – we don’t want anyone to feel there’s nowhere they can go to sit and meet new people.

3.   In previous years, we only had access to 20 machines but this year Janome are providing us with 50 wonderful machines which should make the whole event much easier, especially for those of you travelling further.  Of course to be 100% sure of having access to a machine for the whole of the retreat, we still suggest you bring your machine but having 50 will certainly ease the pressure!

4.   This year Trash is very kindly helping us with the social side of the whole event – organising mixers, having sign up boards for anyone who’d like to join a group of people for dinner as well as organising swaps for before and at the event details of which can be found over in the Flickr group.  The idea is that no-one should be left feeling alone.

5.   This year we are more determined than ever for there not to be any in-crowds or cliques that make anyone feel excluded.  The Fat Quarterly team itself will consist just of Brioni, Tacha and me and our helping team will consist of three teenage boys (two of my sons and one of their friends!) and they will be on call to cater to your every whim (within reason…!).

6.   And the most important change which the whole Fat Quarterly team agreed on after last year’s retreat is that we are keeping the event smaller – there are still tickets left but we have far fewer places than last year with a view to making the whole event more relaxed and enjoyable for the participants.