It was my Modern Quilt Guild meet up last weekend. I just couldn’t wait to go as can you believe the last time I managed to get there was back in February! Where does time go… and why is it that all the kids big events this year have clashed with the guild meetups???? So not fair I can tell you.

We were planning on all having a go at the Drunkards Path block pattern. An attempt to prove to ourselves that sewing curves was easy peasy. No need to sweat it, what’s all the fuss about, kind of thing.

Thank you to the Berlin Modern Quilt Guild for these photos!

I knew from the outset that if this was going to be achieved we might need a little help. So I took my Sizzix Big Shot machine along with me and the all important dies to cut quarter circles. After all half the problem with sewing curves is making sure that all the pieces are exactly the right size. Drawing round templates and cutting out has so much room for error, not to mention how incredibly dull it can be. Whereas a couple of cranks on the Sizzix machine and you’re flying, with circles coming out of your ears.

I also took with me a stack of Rhapsodia from Art Gallery and some of their gorgeously vibrant solids.


This is what I came up with. Not my usual colour scheme but eye catching. I think I am going to do lots of straight line quilting on it and make it into a pillow.

I do have to admit that although I’m not that daunted by a curve in a quilt pattern, I do tend to steer clear of them. I think that it is mostly because I don’t enjoy tracing round templates and cutting out each piece individually. Since having the Big Shot machine I am finding I am more likely to include a quarter circle in my designs (as you can see in my latest Fat Quarterly pattern!).

If you have a Sizzix machine or are thinking of buying one it is definitely worth keeping an eye on their website

Angela has been working hard to update the site and provide patterns to help inspire you. If you have a Sizzix machine already and have an idea for a pattern why not give Angela a shout as maybe she can feature it on their site.

*(I have to admit that I am intrigued as to what hit this page gets what with the title Coping with Curves and us being Fat Quarterly… I know little things please little minds.)