When Jen Eskridge asked us here at Fat Quarterly to be a part of her book tour for her new book Deploy That Fabric, published by Stashbooks, I was intrigued. I am not an army wife but I did grow up with a brother who very nearly did choose the army as a career. He was always dressed in his army corps uniform and I am sure we must have them hidden away in a corner of my parent’s house. At the time I was too obsessed with cutting up old 70s curtains to make into psychedelic trousers to even think of the possibilities of using my brother’s discarded uniforms. But now having had a copy of Jen’s book in my hands – my mind is whirring with possibilties. Next time I head home I will be sure to dig out those old uniforms and get sewing!

Jen’s book is packed with 23 projects! There are not many sewing books around that offer such a variety and quantity of great patterns. Jen has patterns for everything ranging from bags and pouches to pillows and quilts. My personal favourite is the Christmas stocking.

All of the patterns are clearly written and are accompanied by many illustrations which leave you in no doubt as to what you are supposed to be doing.

Jen goes into great detail about how to transform your uniform into fabric that you can use for the projects. I am sure a lot of the advice given could be used for recycling all manner of clothing into fabric for your stash. So even if you do not have access to military uniforms the ideas and tips shared in this book would be very useful.


And of course if you really can’t get hold of any old uniforms you could always use some of the line Urban Camo by Urban Chiks for Moda. There is even a pink Camo print! I found some by searching on Etsy and it might have slipped into my shopping cart ;)

So would you like to win a copy of Deploy That Fabric? Of course you would! Stashbooks have provided us not only with a copy* of Jen’s book to giveaway but also an awesome Camo Quilt—Eco Messenger Bag! Just leave a comment below and on 10 October we will choose a winner. Oh and be sure to tell us if a loved one of yours is currently serving or has served in the armed forces.

*(Hard copy for a US winner and ebook for an international winner)

You can also see the rest of Jen’s blog tour by checking out the Stash Books blog.