Hi, I’m Jessica from A Little Gray and I’m so excited to be sharing on Fat Quarterly today! I’ve been watching Jenny Pedigo on her blog for a while now and I love all her designs for the amazing Quick Curve Ruler. So of course I was very excited to get to use one myself. But I had one small problem- I am not very confident when it comes to piecing curves. I want to work on it, but for now I’ve decided to embrace my inexperience and come up with a project for this ruler that anyone can do.
Today I’m going to show you how I made this quilted cushion cover using a very forgiving “stack and slash” wonky curves method.
Begin with four different fabrics cut into 6″ squares. I always think solids look best in these kinds of projects, but it would be fun to try prints too.
Stack all four squares directly on top of one another and use the Quick Curve Ruler to make three slashes in all the layers. Vary the angle of the ruler slightly on each cut. The middle cut should fall right inside the corners, as shown, and the others will just fall somewhere on either side of that.
Rearrange the pieces by re-ordering the stacks. Leave the first stack (the lower left corner) alone. On the second stack, put the top layer of fabric on the bottom. On the third stack, put the top two layers of fabric on the bottom. On the fourth stack, just pull the very bottom layer of fabric to the top.

Now we can separate the four blocks out and see that they each have the fabrics in a different order.

The blocks are now ready to be pieced together. I find it’s easiest to begin with the two middle pieces, then add the bottom piece and finally the top right. The no-pinning method really is best here, and if you are unsure check out Jenny’s great YouTube tutorial. As you can see in my picture above, the blocks look like a bit of a mess at this point…
Square them up to 4.5″ and the subtle wonky curves look great.
Here’s what all four blocks look like together. When you repeat with more stacks of four, be sure to make your slashes in slightly different angles.
Four groups finish to the perfect size for a 16″ pillow form. I added a border to make mine fit a 20″ pillow. I think this style block would look great as a table runner or wall hanging as well.
Thanks so much to Jenny and Fat Quarterly!