Would you like a challenge? In the next issue of Fat Quarterly, we thought we would celebrate the way modern quilters love to dig out traditional blocks and give them a fresh, new twist. Like this Friendship Block pillow made by Kerry.

So here’s the challenge: go and find a traditional block, maybe design a variation on a traditional block or even design a brand new block that has a traditional feel. Like this pillow made by Katy from the Spring Carnival Block.

spring carnival pillow
Let us know which block you have in mind and give us a rough idea of the fabrics you would make it up in. We will then pick 10 of those to be featured in the next issue of Fat Quarterly. Another example is the Schoenrock Cross block made by Leila.

What we will need from you, by end March, is a photo of the finished block or project (if you make, for example a pillow from the block) and a short “how-to” of how to make it. That could include step by step photos or graphic diagrams but should

not be longer than about half a page so not too much detail. And finally how about this pillow made by Tacha.

finished pillow pts9