Today we’re excited to welcome our newest sponsor, Nicole from Log Cabin Yardage.

Log Cabin Yardage is an online shop selling a selection of fabrics, patterns and even finished quilts.  We’ve put together a fun new Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack together with Nicole, but before we unveil it we wanted to get to know a little more about the shop.

Tell as a bit about Log Cabin Yardage? How did it come about?

Log Cabin Yardage came about as I was getting interested in quilting, and frustrated by the lack of selection at my local chain fabric store, as well as lack of quality for price. At the same time my sister was starting her own home based sewing business, and had the same issues, so I decided to start Log Cabin. It also allowed me to access the designers I was seeing in magazines and blogs from the states, albeit shipping does take longer. Log Cabin is presently operated out of my house part time and serves as justification for my fabric addictions and inability to resist colour and pattern when I get the fabric line headers to order from.

You are planning on opening a brick and mortar shop in the coming future? Tell us more…

I do plan to open a shop, but the location will be at my daughters’ school, which is going to rebuilt. It is a private Montessori school, and the new building is now taking longer than planned. We all know what has happened to the economy and mortgages, and while not as bad in Canada as the States the economic situation did stall the building plans. So timing is a bit up in the air. But I am fixed on the location!

I have a background teaching kids (arts and sports), and classes would form part of the shop, specifically for kids. Their school does teach sewing, so the interest is there. My husband, who is a stay home dad, also a photographer, and helps at the school, would be in the shop and able to work close to the girls. So while the plans are a bit out of my control it will come to be at some point.

Are you a quilter? What are you favourite projects to work on?

I guess I am a quilter. I also sew with my girls, or make projects on demand and the occasional skirt….. My 7 year old was convinced I should do her solo costume but I avoided that!

I love to juxtapose colours and pattern – be the colours solids or just the colour of the patterns. I also like the puzzle of the construction of the quilt and the patchwork blocks. Although traditional quilting done by hand can be mindblowing, I use a machine currently due to too many years goaltending in soccer – my hands get stiff so I didn’t want to start something I won’t be able to keep doing.

My favourite projects – are whatever I am currently playing with. Finishing is not a strong suit of mine, I have a commendable number of wip’s or ufo’s – for the amount of time I actually manage to sew!

What’s your favourite fabric line at the moment?

I couldn’t tell you a favourite, there are too many. I just got into batiks, something I was never going to do, but I got some bright saturated colour ones and can totally see the use for them. For different reasons I like Basic Grey – the tight patterns and crisp lines with layers of detail. I still like Simple Abundance as it is so calm and detailed. I also like Deb French’s Fresh Flowers due to the vibrancy and colour. See – I am all over the map for different reasons!

In the market for some fabric for a new project?  Why not pay Nicole a visit over at Log Cabin Yardage and check out what she has to offer?  I had fun searching through all of the fabulous fabrics Nicole has to offer and found a bunch of stuff I would LOVE to have.   I even put together a fun fabric pack of 9 fat quarters that I think would make an amazing patchwork project:


1. Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey
2. Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey
3. Sherbet Pips by Aneela Hoey
4. Henna Garden by Sandi Henderson
5. Habitat Plaid by Bernatex
6. Bella Solids by Moda
7. Hushabye by Tula Pink
8. Java Coffee Type by Deb Strain
9. Habitat Dandelion by Bernatex

Do you like it too?  If you’d like to purchase this bundle, simply contact Nicole and let her know.  She’d be happy to pull it together for you!

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