Sewing Machines

Thanks to our fabulous Sponsor Janome we will have 50 machines at the retreat this year. So the good news is that there is no need for you to bring your own! Leave your bulky, heavy machine at home and come test out the Janome machines.

Social Secretary

We just want to remind you too that this year we have a social secretary – Trash, who alongside ourselves will be helping to make sure that nobody is left out. It is very important to us that nobody feels alone or left out over the weekend. This year we will also have a Whiteboard in front of the main hall where you can find out where people are off to for dinner etc.

Friday Night

On Friday night we will be sewing up a storm! We will be making blocks to assemble into quilt tops for Siblings Together. Please bring along any scraps you have 2 1/2″ large or larger that we can pool together to make the blocks.

Saturday Night

Scrap Strip Swap

Please get in touch with Sue Bone for details and make sure you bring your strips on Saturday night.

Sample Swap

Get in touch with Trash for group allocations etc.

Ugly Fabric Swap

Dig through your stash and dig out all those horrific pieces of fabric that have been lurking there since the beginning of time and bring them along for a fun game. You will need 5 pieces of ugly fabric about the size of a fat eighth (9” x 20”). Place all 5 pieces in a plastic bag and bring to the retreat!

Show and Tell

We want to see all the fabulous projects you have made! This time we will be having a more formal Show & Tell so bring anything you would like to show to everyone else at the retreat
- it can be a quilt, block, pouch, bag…