Mandy (simply solids) and I have just driven back from the FQ London retreat 2012 all the way to our little village in the midlands.  I drove, she navigated, the twins chattered and Mandy read me tweets and blogposts on her phone all the way home.  And they made us cry.  After all our wonderful, fabulous attendees left last night, we all sat down and had a really good cry.  Because it was the best weekend ever and we loved every single moment of it.

FQ London 2012
More posts will follow.  More pics will follow.  But for now, I just want to get the linky party up and running so that we don’t miss a single post.  And please make sure you upload every single one of your photos to the Flickr group so we can head over there and start crying all over again.  For now I will leave you with a snapshot stolen from the Flickr photostream of Rachel Contented Be of the main hall at some point over the weekend.   It was the best weekend in the whole wide world ever and I am missing everyone who was there horribly.


Join the linky (or, as Sue Bone called it “the kinky party” down below) and let us know how you got on at FQ London 2012!