This is part of the Hexy MF quilt along series. You can jump in at any time, just check back on the older posts by clicking here. Don’t forget to add your photos to our flickr group too!

I know most of you are nowhere near this stage and that’s totally fine – don’t stress about being behind, it’s not a matter of being behind at all. The first Hexy MF took me forever, because I took my time and enjoyed it, dipping in and out when I had a few moments spare or nothing else to do. This one I’m rushing to get finished so I can be one step ahead of you guys. If I’d have thought ahead I’d have taken photos as I went the first time! But then I wouldn’t be making my quilt from Lilly Belle and I love this line so much! So take your time, these posts will here forever. If you get fed up and want to take a break for a few months – do that, just be assured you can pop back and pick up where you left off at any point in the future, ok?

Now, remember when we made our background fabric we sewed a single seam line and that went across the middle of our quilt?

You are going to take your seam ripper and unpick a little hole, big enough for you to comfortably get your hand inside, around 7 inches across. This little hole makes it easy to pop your remaining papers out.Simply pop your hand in and pull those little monkeys right out.



And then, when you have removed all of the papers (check a couple of times to make sure – I have a paper still in Hexy MF the first, just the one but it’s there!) you can sew that seam up again.

Next week we are going to start the appliqued borders. I say we, I know it’s just me at the moment! And I think we need another check-in post, so upload your photos of your progress so far as of this week to the flickr group and I can share your beautiful work right here on the blog.

Happy hexing!