This is part of the Hexy MF quilt along series. You can jump in any time, all of the previous posts can be found listed here. We’d love to have you!

I’ve left you all for a couple of weeks to make a good start on your quilts. How are you all coming along?

From the progress shots that are popping up on twitter, flickr and instagram there are so many of you playing along and so many amazing fabric combos. Most of which are making me itchy to go shopping!

Today is all about the rows.

This is the layout pic – you need to form alternating rows (or maybe they’re columns as they run vertically) of 8 flowers and 7 flowers, 9 rows (or columns) in total. This is just a guideline, my version in LillyBelle is actually going to be smaller as I’m planning on doing a bit more applique around the edges and I want a smaller quilt that I can take as my travel quilt. I am only 3 years old in my head, I like to have a blankie when I travel, and I think this will be perfect!

lilly belle quilt a long

So, make a start by laying out your rows. I still prefer to lay out as rows rather than columns, so working horizontally. My brain works better that way. Bear in mind the quilt will be flipped so the straighter edges are the sides when it comes to do the applique and sewing onto the background fabric. Work whichever way you prefer – horizontally, or vertically. It’s all good.

Remember my quilt is smaller, if you are following the original pattern you need to lay out a starting row of 8 flowers, and then 7 flowers and so on.

lay out the rows

The flowers need to tessellate together – like a jigsaw puzzle. Like this….

how 2 fit together

Make sure you have the correct edges lined up and make the first seam. Knot or backstitch well to keep the seams strong and sew along the first edge, right sides together, then knot and cut at the end of the seam (or knot and carry on – but just make sure you knot or backstitch at the end of EVERY seam to keep it secure)

the first seam

Here is the first seam from the front…

seam 1 from the front

The second and third seams are the trickier ones, you need to pinch a bit to get them to meet. Just like when you made the the flowers in the first place.

pinch for seams 2 and 3

Just as before, make sure that seam is secure as you start by knotting or backstitching. As you move along the rows, and eventually sew the rows together, the quilt will be thrown about a lot, so these seams need to be super secure. Super super secure.

And that’s it – just carry on with the next flower, making sure you lay it out on the floor or a table to check you are still sewing the right edges together (it’s easy to slip up and then you have to unpick. It happens to all of us, don’t stress if you do that too!)

A little tip is to number your rows – just a scrap of paper pinned on to the first hex flower of each row to remind you where they go in the finished piece.

As always – any questions just ask, I’m here to help!