Firstly, thank you for all of the fantastic suggestions for new names for the Hexy MF. I thought choosing one would be easy but it’s proving to be far more difficult than I thought, so I’ve got the rest of the FQ team on the case and we’ll have a new name and a winner of the LillyBelle bundle very soon.

lilly belle quilt a long

Above you will see a layout diagram for the whole quilt (feel free to click on it and download from flickr to keep as a reference). As you can see there are a lot of hexagons. If you’re a beginner – don’t worry, I’ll be talking you through the steps with plenty of pictures and tips on how to make the process as easy and pain free as possible. The only shapes you are sewing together are hexagons, so although they are a lot of them, it’s the same shape over and over again.

Shall we get started on cutting? We are going to concentrate on the large hexagons flowers first, for both the main body of the quilt and the borders. The smaller flowers and the single buds (shown as circles on the above diagram) can be considered later, and cut from the leftover scraps.

You will need a total of 68 full flowers for the main body of the quilt and an additional 6 full flowers for the borders.

That’s 444 hexagons from the prints to make up the flowers and 74 hexagons for the flower centres

Give your fabrics a good press and cut into 4″ squares.

I’ll say it again, you need 444 print squares and 74 solid squares

hexy cutting

If you have bought a template* set, draw around the large hexagon onto the squares and cut out. This gives you a hex with a perfect 1/4″ seam and makes the reverse of the quilt top before quilting nice and tidy, seams will lay flatter and everything will be nice and neat. You can layer up a few at a time and cut out together, to speed things up. Use either your scissors or a small rotary cutter with the acrylic templates – rotary cutting does make things very fast, but watch your fingers!

If you don’t have a template set* – never fear! Just pin a 1.5″ hexagon paper on the centre of the squares and cut around, leaving a seam of at least 1/4″ (as this method is less precise don’t cut too close to the paper’s edge)

On the picture below, the hexagon on the left has been cut out using the template and on the right it has been cut out without the template.


As you cut, stack your hexagons into 6 of the same print, and one centre so your flowers are already stacked to go when you baste and start to sew the hexagons together.


*there are more templates ordered and plenty listed in the shop. I had a small shop update and more are coming in the next week, so if you would like a set and haven’t got one yet, don’t worry. They’re not absolutely essential, I just like to use templates and personally think it makes for a nicer finished piece.

Don’t forget if you haven’t ordered your paper pieces yet or this is getting you itchy to try other shapes, use FAT25 for 25% at until August 31st. I’ve ordered a heap of 2″ squares, triangles and hexagons to make more Spring Carnival pillows in preparation for my class at Sewing Summit.

The first blog post with fabric requirements can be found here

Please post any pics of your progress or fabric stacks in the Fat Quarterly flickr group! – let’s see what you’re making your Hexy MF with!!!!

Off you go – get cutting!!!!