Meet Rachel form House of Pinheiro, one of the new teachers for this year’s Fat Quarterly London retreat.  Accomplished dressmaker, designer and blogger, Rachel is both impossibly glamorous (which I don’t like so much) and impossibly nice, sweet and fun (which I like a lot).  She came to last year’s retreat and we all agreed right away, we’d like her to teach this year.  She’ll be teaching two classes – one dress-making and one showing you how to read and work with dress making patterns.  She has huge knowledge about adapting and changing dressmaking patterns to suit your shape.

Rachel is currently taking part in Project Sewn which is a 4 week sewing competition comprised of 6 designer/seamstresses.  Designers are given a theme each week to base their looks on.  Week one is fashion Icon, week 2 is Pink, week 3 is shoes and week 4 is personal style. Looks are then scored by each competitors and are opened to an online popular vote on Tuesdays.  At the end of the voting period (Thursday  8 MT of the same week) the scores and votes are tallied together.  On Friday, according to this combined score one designer gets “sent home” and one will be announced “the winner” for each week.  This continues until the final week where a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner will be announced.  You can vote weekly on  and we’d love you to go over and vote for Rachel this week and for as long as she stays in the competition if you have a moment!  Here is her outfit for this week, inspired by Coco Chanel, and you can find out more about her process in making this in her latest blogpost.  Now GO VOTE!