Königskind means “Royal Child”, and it’s also the name of an all-new original pattern from Ulrike Kittel and featured in issue 5 of Fat Quarterly (on sale now!)  This quilt makes the most of Lizzy House’s Castle Peeps line with a design that features turrets, shuttered windows, and jester’s diamonds.

Here’s what Ulrike had to say about her inspiration for her design:

I just love Lizzy House fabric and when I saw the Castle Peeps fabric line, I had to turn it into a quilt. I thought of what it must be like to live in a castle and the different perspectives are shown in the quilt.

From faraway, you can see the castle landscape. When you are inside the castle, you can have a look outside the windows and see the hustle and bustle of castle life. And the diamond pattern is what I imagine a cloak of the king’s jester to look like.

Königskind is only one of the many fantastic patterns and project ideas that you can only find in Fat Quarterly’s fifth issue!