We’re lucky to have not one, but two wonderful pillow patterns in issue 7 of Fat Quarterly.

First up is Leila Beasley’s Ananas Pillow, showcasing her take on the well-known pineapple block … which is perfect, since “ananas” means pineapple in Dutch!  In her pattern, Leila teaches a strip-cutting technique for creating this complex design, with no paper- or foundation-piecing required.

Ananas Pillow by Leila Beasley
Ananas Pillow by Leila Beasley (http://wheretheorchidsgrow.blogspot.com)

This next pillow — X Marks the Geese by Corey Yoder — puts a contemporary spin on some classic quilting motifs, with a rainbow of scrappy flying geese bursting from a charcoal “X”.  If rainbows aren’t your thing, you can imagine this pattern in a more limited or subdued color palette, which would be equally stunning.

X Marks the Goose by Corey Yoder
X Marks the Goose by Corey Yoder (http://www.littlemissshabby.com)

Psst — pillows make wonderful holiday gifts!!  Issue 7 of Fat Quarterly is on sale now.