It’s March, and our longtime readers know what that means. It’s time for Modern Madness, our annual showdown between the year’s favorite fabric lines as determined by Fat Quarterly’s amazingly awesome readership!

Don’t know what Fat Quarterly’s Modern Madness is?  Well, it’s a friendly race to the end for 64 of the past year’s hottest modern fabric lines, facing off in a bracket-style tournament until only one remains.  It’s based on the NCAA college basketball tournament that’s so popular here in the U.S., and you can read more about it here (and catch up on all of our prior years’ action here).

Now before you get too upset, let’s remember that this is all in FUN.  We run Modern Madness with only the best of intentions — to celebrate all of the wonderful designs that we’ve been working with for the past 12 months and, more importantly, to expose our readers to some fabulous fabric lines of which they may have been previously unaware.  And while we like to celebrate the sole survivor, there are no winners or losers in Modern Madness — we’re highlighting ALL of the designers and lines that we love so much.

Who will succeed Ruby and Habitat as 2013′s champion?  The field is still being finalized, but we need your input.  What was your favorite fabric line of the year?  Maybe you have several lines you’d like to see included in the field.  Submit your entries below, and feel free to submit several times.  The highest vote-getters will be assured a spot in the tournament!

** NOTE: Submissions now closed. Thanks for all of the great suggestions! ***