Do you know Katy Jones? She used to be one of the team here at Fat Quarterly (and was one of the co-founders) and also blogs at I’m a Ginger

Monkey. I am proud to say that she is a British quilter and also that she is one of my real life quilting friends. Intimidating to some, because of her tall skinny stature, multiple tattoos and mohawk, she nevertheless is sweet, kind and funny as well as being really one of the most talented quilters I know. She is also a great trend setter – where she leads, many of our online quilting community follow – I call her the Pied Piper of the quilting world because she always seems to be ahead of the trend. She’s also mad as a bag of spanners and carries her dog around with her in her handbag so it’s all good.

Well she has teamed up with in her very own tv series which is all about quilting. The series will combine traditional techniques with modern designs. Called “Quiltmonkey“, the show will have tutorials covering all aspects of quilting with fresh ideas and inspiring designs. The core of the series is studio based including guests, new products, and features on tradition and history. Some programs will also be shot on location at guest quilters studios, quilting shows etc.

So far there are five shows available on and more are being filmed and added all the time. I’ve watched them this week and they are fun, informative and a great way to learn key techniques as Katy really takes you step by step through the process and you can actually see how the projects are made. To see the shows, you need to subscribe to the network which can be done monthly or annually and then gives you access to all of their quilting shows. And we have five ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS to give away today! Just leave a comment on this post – any comment at all – and we will randomly pick five winners a week from today. Good luck and – as Katy says in her show “go mad quilt monkeys”!