Ticket Sales for the Fat Quarterly London Retreat close on 22 May. Here is the official Ticket Sales Closing Countdown Clock.

In just three short weeks and three days, the Fat Quarterly gang plus assorted teachers plus a lot of you descend on London for a weekend of fun, sewing, chatting, sewing, swapping, competing, quilting and probably a bit more sewing. This post is scattered with pictures of what you can learn in the workshops taking place over the weekend.

Tickets sales close in just over ten day’s time so, if you’ve been umm-ing and ahh-ing, now is the time to get off the fence and book your place. Go here to book your tickets and then go here to the event’s Flickr page to find out who else is going, where we’re going on Friday night, who’s arriving when and who’s staying in which hotel.

The one thing that we have all agreed on is that no-one will be alone during the weekend, no-one will be sat in the corner friendless.

Our one big emphasis on this weekend is for there to be no cliques, no “cool” gangs, no “in crowd”.

So if you weren’t going to come because you won’t know anybody there, a lot of us will be in that exact same boat.

If you weren’t going to go because you’re only a beginner and don’t think you’re good enough, a lot of people are feeling that way and that’s why we’re going to be teaching – we want beginners there so we can teach them stuff.

So go on, take a deep breath, click and buy and come and join us in London on Jubilee weekend.