Hi there, it´s Claudia from Machen und Tun, guestposting.  I finally finished my “fatQ” quilt, made of blocks from the Shape Workshop for Quilters book, written by Katy, Brioni, Tacha and John.  Lucky me won that book at last year’s fatquarterly retreat (which was so much fun by the way) and it is only appropriate that I finished the respective quilt just about one year later (*cough*) shortly after this year’s retreat in July (which was even better than last year!).

I picked 12 of my favorite blocks from Shape Workshop, which sounds much easier than it was because there are so many cool blocks in that book.  It was a good mixture of some rather quick to make and some more time consuming blocks, which were all very well explained and not hard to do.  My color choices where totally inspired by last year’s trip to London when the retreat weekend was at the same time as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the city was painted in red, white and blue: Union Jacks all over the place.

fat Q3

The different sashings of the blocks are down to the fact that I did not have enough white Kona Cotton at home for all 12 blocks. And as i was mixing it up anyway with the red solid i added some pindot fabric, too, and now I am really pleased with the result. Looks totally intentional, doesn’t it?

fatQ 4

The binding is Joel Dewberrys herringbone in navy (one of my favorite fabrics ever) and it frames the quilt pretty nicely: it’s not too dark but dark enough.  My quilting on this one was quite simple, I just echo-quilted around and inside the different fabrics in matching threads and added some more lines here and there for more texture.

fatQ 5

Although it is a sampler quilt I think it has a very contemporary feel to it. And though some of the fabrics are really kind of super-cute like the pale blue dots or the paisleys, the fresh, modern shapes of the blocks go very well with them and prevent them from being uber-sweet.  I highly recommend Shape Workshop for Quilters: it’s an impressive, yet fun collection of 60 contemporary blocks plus even some projects and should be a staple in any quilting library. If you look for well described quilt blocks with a modern twist, then Shape Workshop for Quilters is for you!