Love fabric? Love competition? In the spirit of March Madness, we’re excited to bring back MODERN MADNESS for another year of fun, fabric, and friendly competition.

Once again, we’ve populated the field of 64 with all of your favorite modern fabric lines. They’ll face off, round after round, until we arrive at the 2012 fabric champion as determined solely by the readers of Fat Quarterly.  And with last year’s champion, Jay McCarroll, without a new line to defend his title this year, we already know we’re going to have a new champion!

Here’s how it will work:

  • We’ve already randomly placed our top 64 fabric lines into the brackets, based on our observations over the past year as well as the most frequently nominated lines by our readers. There were well over 90 fantastic lines that were in the running for our top 64, and even getting down to the field was a tough task. Print the brackets out to play along!
  • Throughout the month of March, we’ll be posting the different rounds and regions of competition. Once posted, a survey will go live for you to vote for your favorites.
  • Once the voting for each round is closed, we’ll update the brackets and get ready for the next round of competition.

From 64 contenders, only one will emerge as the favorite. Let the debate, conversation, and celebration commence!

Here’s the schedule:

Round 1

  • Region 1: March 13th
  • Region 2: March 15th
  • Region 3: March 16th
  • Region 4: March 17th

Round 2

  • Region 1: March 19th
  • Region 2: March 21st
  • Region 3: March 22nd
  • Region 4: March 23rd


  • Part 1: March 25th
  • Part 2: March 27th

Quarterfinals – March 29th

Semifinals – March 31st

Championship – April 2nd

And college basketball fans know the best part about March Madness: predicting all of the winners before the competition starts, and keeping track of how many points you earn by being correct!

We encourage you to print the brackets before we begin and fill it out. We’ll give tips on how to keep score throughout the competition.

Sound like fun? Ready to play? Download your brackets here.