May Flowers | FQ Inspiration Mosaic

Thanks to everyone who contributed photos for our May Flowers theme. Every month, we like to create an inspirational mosaic around a central theme with pictures from the Fat Quarterly: Community & Inspiration pool. Want to see your photos in future Fat Quarterly mosaics? Simply add them to the pool, and be sure your photos fit the theme.

Our theme for June will be”Sassy Stripes”.  Have you made something where striped fabrics play a starring role?  Or have you used stripes in a new and inventive way?  Maybe the pattern itself creates a striped effect.  In any case, we love to see what you create.  If you have any projects that you think fit the bill, add them to the group and let us know!

If you’re reading this, you have an open invitation to join and submit your pictures to our Community & Inspiration pool. Even if it doesn’t fit under the current theme, we still love seeing what you create and sharing it with all your fellow readers.