Are you ready for some CRAZY results??  I last checked the voting yesterday, and in the past 24 hours THREE of the four match-ups experienced complete reversals.  Plus, we’ve seen the closest two matches of the whole tournament so far … including a competition that was decided by THREE VOTES!!  After all was said and done, 831 of you have spoken and our Sweet 16 is now complete.  Let’s reveal the last four fabric lines to make the cut:

City Weekend by oliver + s – 472 votes (57%)
def. Sanctuary by Patty Young – 359 (43%)

Habitat by Jay McCarroll – 515 votes (62%)
def. Castle Peeps by Lizzy House – 316 (38%)

Nature Walk by Cloud 9 Fabrics – 421 votes (51%)
def. Fandango by Kate Spain – 410 (49%)

Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt – 417 votes (50%)
def. Kumari Garden by Dena Designs – 414 (50%)

How did you do?  Did these surprising results help or hurt your overall brackets?  If you’re keeping score, give yourself 2 points for every team that correctly guessed would move into the round of 16.  Submit your name and score to the Modern Madness Leader Board if you want to see how you’re stacking up versus our other readers!

** Our Leader Board is now closed. Be sure to check back after the regionals are over! **

Here is the complete listing of match-ups for our regional finals:

Sunkissed vs. Flora & Fauna
Parisville vs. Central Park
Rouenneries vs. Buttercup
Sherbet Pips vs. Bliss
It’s a Hoot vs. Far Far Away II
Modern Meadow vs. Meadowsweet 2
City Weekend vs. Habitat
Nature Walk vs. Hope Valley

And now it’s time to cast your votes for the first set of regional match-ups:

** The voting is now closed. Thanks for playing! **

Have fun, and good luck to all of the participants!