Wow … now this is getting exciting! The Region 4 results are in, and there are some big surprises. With the projected winner by 2 members of the Fat Quarterly team (Echino) OUT in Round 1, this really shakes things up for the rest of the draw.

We’ll be interested to hear how you all fared with these results:

City Weekend by oliver + S – 521 votes (65%)
def. Spa by Rosemarie Lavin – 278 votes (35%)

Sanctuary by Patty Young – 450 votes (56%)
def. Echino by Etsuko Furuya – 349 (44%)

Habitat by Jay McCarroll – 426 votes (53%)
def. Hooty Hoot by Doohikey Designs – 373 (47%)

Castle Peeps by Lizzy House – 482 votes (60%)
def. Daydream by Cyndi Walker – 317 (40%)

Fandango by Kate Spain – 448 votes (56%)
def. Strawberry Fields by Fig Tree Quilts – 351 (44%)

Nature Walk by Cloud 9 Fabrics – 539 votes (67%)
def. Zoo Menagerie by Eleanor Grosch – 260 (33%)

Kumari Garden by Dena Designs – 476 votes (60%)
def. Wild World by Jenean Morrison – 323 (40%)

Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt – 510 votes (64%)
Groove by Caleb Gray – 289 (36%)

Now that Round 1 is over in all regions, it’s time to tell us how you did. Complete the short form below to submit your name to the Fat Quarterly Modern Madness Leaderboard! Remember, give yourself 1 point for every winner that you correctly guessed across all four regions, for a maximum total of 32 points.

The leaderboard is now closed. Stay tuned for your opportunity to submit to the Leader Board following the next round of match-ups!

And today we travel back to Region 1, where some of your favorites are back in action in their second round match-ups in what are sure to be some fierce battles. If you want to refresh your memory on these fantastic fabric lines, you can find links to them all here.

*** Note: voting for Round 2 | Region 1 is now closed. Thanks for playing! ***

Good luck to all players!