Today I am reviewing Thomas Knauer’s new book, Modern Quilt Perspectives and you will have a chance to win a copy at the end of this post.  I am also thrilled that Thomas is going to be teaching at this year’s Fat Quarterly Retreat in London.

This book is unlike any other quilting book I’ve come across in that Thomas looks to create quilts which are more than just quilts but have a meaning and a significance behind them.  Where I regard myself as a crafter, busy making things that I think look pretty, Thomas comes at the process of making quilts from a completely different perspective.

His quilts talk of what “handmade” means in today’s world, of what make up the building blocks of our modern world, of bringing together different strands of the quilting community, of long distance relationships and even one quilt reflecting the process of cell division.

Whilst I find his process and approach to quilting very interesting and startlingly different to my “let’s make something pretty” approach, the bottom line for me in terms of recommending a quilting book would be whether the projects in the book come under my top two categories of (i) I’d like to make that quilt (high praise); or (ii) I wish I’d designed that quilt (highest praise I can give a quilt).  As long as some of the quilts in a quilting book come into one or both of those categories, I would be very happy to recommend it to others and Thomas’ quilts fall slap bang into those categories.  Each of the ones I’ve chosen a show in this post are ones I want to make or wish I’d made – unusual, fresh, different, striking and even thought provoking.

So I guess I’d give this book a double recommendation.  To those of you, like me, who are looking for fresh innovation and ideas for their modern quilts, this book has that in spades.  And for those of you who would be interested in digging a little deeper and perhaps starting to conceive and design quilts reflecting your interests, views, life experiences and perspectives, I don’t think there is another book out there right now that would give you more insight and inspiration.
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