Do you have a copy of Electric Quilt on your computer? If you haven’t it really is worth looking into. It is my go to when I want to check my cutting instructions expecially when resizing blocks and for trying out different fabric combinations in a quilt design. Much as pen and paper are great for designing there is nothing like being able to see the design in the fabrics you are planning on using before you start sewing!

Anyway – if you do have EQ you should definitely check out My EQ Boutique. It is an extra resource for blocks and other sewing projects. And not only that but some of the downloads even come with sewing instructions.

edited to add: And even if you don’t have EQ you can still use My EQ Boutique as each pattern comes with a free software download which enables you to print out the blocks at whatever size you would like!!! (Thanks AnneMarie for pointing that out!)

If you’ve got a copy of Issue 11 of Fat Quarterly you’ll find a coupon on page 2 for a discount off purchases over $20. Head over to My EQ Boutique right now as this offer expires on 5 November.