Quilt Blocks is a new Moda line coming out soon which we had the chance to have a play with.  Some fabric lines are better in photo than in person and a bit of a disappointment when they arrive.  Some fabric lines are much better in person.  On paper I am going to confess that Quilt Blocks did not leap off the page and grab me and I wasn’t sure how I would use them.  The two fabrics I was given were the big colourful circles and a bright zigzag.  The colours are rich and vibrant and, once pieced, I think they are just fabulous.  What I mean is, I think they piece really well and work well making interesting shapes and designs with little effort.  This is a line I will buy and use more of.

I had also just received Jenny Pedigo’s Quick Curve Ruler in the post and wanted to put that to the test so started by cutting some orange peel shaped pieces by lining up one of the lines on the ruler with one of the zigzag lines,

cutting a curve,

flipping the ruler, lining the same line against the centre of the zigzag and cutting again.

Then I cut six equilateral triangles from my favourite dot of all dots – Cosmo Cricket Circa 1934 – cut a curve out of two of each of their edges and pieced the orange peel pieces in.

I kept going until I had a hexagon.

Then I added a round of the Quilt Blocks circles fabric mitring the corners at 60 degrees so the pattern on the fabrics continued around the whole hexagon.  I then added something pink from my stash, quilted, backed and bound into a pillow which was instantly claimed by one of my ten year old twin girls and resides on her top bunk.  This post makes it all sound as though it went swimmingly well but actually this pillow went wrong more times than I can remember and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth every step of the way. EDITED TO ADD: piecing using this ruler is dead easy and very fun – the gnashing and wailing was all due to my only very dim recollection of geometry from school!