Project Description

Issue 14 – Summer

It’s never too hot and sticky to sew even in the heat of the summer months. You just need to pick your projects with care. Choose easy to put together quilts or small projects which can be completed in a morning or a day at most. Issue 14 is jam packed with inspiration for your summer sewing.

What you can find in this issue:

  • 12 new quilt designs!
  • Designer Challenge using Briar Rose by Heather Ross
  • Designer Challenge using Collage by Carrie Bloomston
  • The Essential Camping Kit!
  • Paper pieced Retro Sunnies


Beth Miriam Blaich Amanda Bianchi
Sue Bone Tacha Bruecher Fiona Calvert
Katy Cameron Josée Carrier Sarah Fletcher
Amy Garro Lynne Goldsworthy Kerry Green
Patsy Johnson Lola Periago Charlotte Newland
Astrid Slagle Heidi Staples Cassie Williams
Reene Witchard Janice Zeller Ryan
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Errata: In the No strings Attached pattern the template should measure 14″ wide x 12″ tall.