I have a love/hate relationship with challenges. Someone suggests one and i get all over excited and can’t sleep for thinking about what I’m going to do, then the time comes and i get a bit panic stricken. Is that only me that that happens to?  Once i get going though i am the happiest bunny alive and Jennys’ “Quick Curve Ruler”  was no exception.

My first 2 attempts at something were complete disaster (in fact, so much so that i chucked them in the bin without even stopping to photograph them!) and then inspiration finally struck and i got excited.  Some layer cakes pieces and this nifty little ruler and i was off like a woman possessed!

It took me a while to get straight in my head what size curves i wanted so therefore how i need to line the ruler up with the edges of the fabric/cutting mat. Not because the ruler is hard to use (because it soooo isn’t!) but because i don’t have the kind of mental agility to ever make me a contender for the Krypton Factor!

I cut each layer cake in half diagonally, centred the ruler down the long edge and cut the curve. I did this for both the prints and the background fabric and then just swapped them, sewed them, gave them a trim and sewed the two halves together making sure that the ends of the curves lined up.   I was liking that….a lot…

I then decided to sandwich them together and sew them diagonally across (you know, like HSTs) to see what effect that created….and I was loving it.

I now have all my pieces all cut out for a large quilt (2 layer cakes worth) and I’m just longing for some free time to get this baby sewn. I can’t wait!