Yesterday we welcomed Miranda from Out Of My Head Studio to the blog with her tutorial for the Miss Betty bag.

Today we have Miranda’s Mom, Denise, as she talks us through the process of making her very own design, the Josie bag. (Denise hopes to have patterns available for both bags on the website soon)

The Josie Bag!

Several weeks ago my daughter Miranda told me she had been accepted to receive designer fabric for a project of her choice.  Since the fabric was coming from the UK it did take a little time to arrive but when it did we were quite excited.  She wanted me to use one of the fabrics for something totally different than her.  She chose the triangle fabric and left me the circular one.   I had designed a Miss Betty bag a couple of years ago and wanted to hi-lite that but alas my fabric would not do.  Those circles were just too close to use them as centers for the grommets.  She decided to use her fabric for the Miss Betty Bag so I was left to design a new bag.

While working on another project I was using some scraps of fabric and my Go Cutter to make flowers.  Seeing how they would look in the center of the circle almost made it seem that I had designed another fabric.  There were so many wonderful colors in the base fabric that I could choose just about anything to stick in the center and it would match.   Next – an alternate fabric for the lining and sides.  Miranda loved the teal as did I so we decided to use that for the outside gusset and handles.  Lining, left overs from another project but again, coordinating quite well with the base fabric.  I love a lot of pockets in my bags so things don’t get lost in the bottom.  It’s always a must for me.  A handy place for my Tylenol, I-Phone, business cards and keys.

I am teaching myself to machine quilt so first thing was to do an all over design.  Once done the fabric and batting was still too soft.  Add the flowers to the centers, with a hand button-hole stitch then layer another piece of batting and quilt around the flowers to make them pop.  Now I was ready to design the bag!

Getting ready to quilt.

Machine quilting the lining.  Looks like Cinnamon Buns!

Adding the flower to center

Another layer of batting and more free motion quilting

Back of fabric.

Next the pattern design

Cut freezer paper  10×14

Use kitchen items to round off bottom corners

Mark your center line. Center and cut the fabric


The pieces after they were cut.

Interior pockets

Cut 2 14×10.5 folded  in half with batting inside. Stitch separations. Trim even with bag lining.

Measure the lining for the gusset

If you screw up, better on the lining than the fabric you can’t replace!

Lining done.

Now to measure and repeat the process for the outer bag.

Make outer bag as you did the lining.

Grommets in my stash are not Silver which is what I wanted.  Martha Stewart paint to the rescue!

Trace the area for placement, baste through all layers including lining so all with match up and not slip.

Cut through all layers – including lining

Attach grommets, I needed help for this as the thickness was too hard for me to press through.

(Thanks to my DH – Mark!)

Handles are cut 3.5 and folded over 1.5 in of batting and sewed to make 1.5 in  handles.

Shown also is the binding of the bag, cut at 2.25, double folded and sewn to hold lining and outer bag together.  Hand sewn in place on the interior of the bag.

Front tab with magnet and a bit of steam punk to hi-light the circles

Magnetic Snap Closure

Back of bag – just as charming as the front.

And now the finished product – Miss Josie’s Bag!

That was a fantastic journey through Denise’s design process, a huge thank you for sharing with us, Denise and to Miranda for yesterday’s tutorial . Be sure to visit both Denise and Miranda at Out of My Head Studio, where they are joined by the rest of their creative family, Denise’s husband Mark and son Nicholas.

We are coming towards the end of our journey now, with only 2 more designer challenges to share. Has this got your thinking hats on? What can you make with just a couple of fat quarters?

Quilt Blocks by Ellen Luckett Baker, for Moda fabrics is out in April, and will be available from Fat Quarter Shop as well as many other stores (we will keep you posted on who has it and when!)