Today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me. I had forgotten how old I was and added on an extra year, so it was nice to realise I wasn’t 38 this year but 37. It’s only a year, but it’s still better than I thought! It was my mum’s fault – she was sure I was a year older. Nice of her to remember the year her precious first born arrived.

Ellen Luckett Baker's quilt blocks

With the two FQs of Ellen’s fabric I got, I was already well into making my scrappy¬†Swoon quilt with the swoon along support group on Flickr. It was practically set in the stars that a single swoon block was going to be my project.

Swoon Pillow

I pulled a couple of co-ordinating fabrics from my stash (kona cerise and kaufman quilter’s linen in charcoal) and got to work. I added a narrow border of the quilter’s linen and made myself a lovely big pillow, perfect for leaning on when I’m sat watching TV and doing some hand sewing on an evening. The binding was leftover from another project and is a buttery lemon voile – a happy coincidence that it matches so well with the bright quilt blocks fabrics (do you want to know a dirty secret? I haven’t actually finished sewing the binding on – it’s pinned to the back so I could take a photo. I’ve been too busy using the pillow to take it off it’s pillow form and finish sewing that binding down! Isn’t that terrible?)

swoon pillow

When we were at Quilt Market in October I picked up one of the freebies from Ellen’s booth – a roll of 4 layer cake squares – and I’ve been using those to english paper piece a small quilt (very small quilt) in preparation for my class at The Sewing Summit in October (if you are going to Sewing Summit and are thinking of taking my class, this is the pattern I’ll be teaching. At least how to make a start on it!)

ferris wheel

I absolutely love quilt blocks – I think it’s an incredibly versatile line of fabrics. It works well in large pieces, such as the swoon block, but also with very small pieces like the spring carnival english paper pieced quilt above. The large single wedding ring style print would be fabulous fussy cut, and I’m most excited to use the grandmothers flower garden print.

Ellen Luckett Baker's quilt blocks fabric

Quilt Blocks is going to be in stores in April. We’ll keep you posted as to where and when it arrives! I have a feeling this collection will be one of those that people really covet once it’s gone. My recommendation is – stock up whilst you can. As soon as it hits stores I’m buying it all (I may have accidentally pre-ordered a bolt for quilt backs. Oops) This is probably my favourite collection of the year so far (except Lu’s – hers doesn’t count though, it’s a given I’d choose hers as my absolute favourite for the simple reason that we are sisters from different misters). The large scale prints and the areas of negative space in some of the prints may make you think you’d find it difficult to use but I think this series of posts really has shown that it’s incredibly versatile and can be used in all manner of ways. One thing you might not get a sense of from the photos are how fantastic the colours are. It really is a wonderful collection.

More quilt blocks projects to come! Keep tuned to this station – don’t turn that dial!