QM 2011 collage 1

We’re back from international Quilt Market Houston. Whew! So much to see, so much to tell you about, so much new and great stuff. So much, in fact, that we’ve decided to split the posts up into a series and post them over on Katy’s blog over the next few days.

So, pop on over and check out what she has posted so far. Follow along and you’ll be rewarded with the chance to win a nice little stack of quilt market treats at the end of the series. A few of our favourite finds from this year’s selection.

Quilt Market seemed lighter on traffic this year, which is most likely due to the economy. It wasn’t light on inspirational booths and fabulous new fabrics, though (thankfully!).

QM collage 2

Our predictions for the coming year;

1; there will be a surge in fabrics that feature a single colour print on natural backgrounds, such as Echo by Lotta Jansdotter (which is starting to ship now) and (our personal favourite and hot tip for greatness) Lucie Summers’ first collection with Moda - Summersville. We’ve got a fun idea planned using her fabrics as soon we can get some, a project that will involve some of you too. Keep your eyes peeled for that (more details soon!)

2; animals (and in particular foxes) will not be going anywhere soon. That makes us as happy as, well, a fox. Lizzy House and Riley Blake both have foxes featuring heavily

3; the organics are taking over the world. Ok, maybe not taking over, but they are growing stronger each market – fantastic news. Cloud 9 is really paving the way where the organics are concerned,Daisy Janie, Birch and now Kokka and even Robert Kaufman – you know it’s the future when the big manufacturers get involved. Laurie Wisbrun, and Betz White were just two of Kaufman’s organically printed collections from this market.

4; David Butler is going to be as big as his more famous other half. Parson Gray – wow, a truly masculine collection that is also fabulous for women’s clothing.

5; Melody Miller - we’re predicting within the next couple of years Melody’s designs will be snapped up by all sorts of different companies and before long we’ll be using Ruby Star stationary, eating and drinking from Ruby Star crockery, wearing Ruby Star clothes, carrying Ruby Star luggage. Cath Kidston – she’s old news, Melody is the future, people!

Head on over to Katy’s blog and see what else we liked the look of this Fall.