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Photography Class by Judith Dahmen (3 hour Workshop)

Ever been unhappy about the images you have taken of your wonderful handmade quilts, cushions, purses and bags? In this class we will cover:

• Preparation of the item to be photographed
• Location: Where to photograph your finished products
• Time: When is the best time to take a shot of your finished quilt (or other craft item)
• Technical aspects such as aperture, speed, exposure
• Some points on lighting conditions
• Advice on compositional aspects
• How to achieve perspective
• Post-processing techniques

Depending on the weather the class will either include a practical session outside or a post-processing mini-workshop. Bring an item which you would love to take a good photo of but haven’t managed so far.


Photography Talk by Judith Dahmen (Table Top session)

During this table top session we will talk about lighting, location and compositions aspects as well as some simple post-processing tricks.