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Improv by Lucie Summers (3 hour Workshop with machines)

Get out of your comfort zone for a few hours with this really informal relaxed class where I will be teaching a few of my favourite improv techniques. The aim of the class is to create a mini (12 – 14 inches square) quilt ready for quilting and you’ll create a truly unique piece of patchwork art. Learn how to create chevrons and curves (*really* drunk drunkards path) done my way!


Portholes by Lucie Summers (3 hour Workshop with machines)

Portholes is a techniques/experimental based workshop rather than a taking-home-finished-item workshop, so expect to head home with 3-4 samples for finishing at a later date. If you want the pieces you make on the workshop to be the starting point for a new quilt, please bring fabrics that will work together. I shall be teaching the basic technique of a round porthole to begin with, then you can get fancy schmancy with the other shapes.


Hand Quilting by Lucie Summers (Table top session)

I am not an expert hand quilter, but I love to stitch my mini quilts using thicker thread than usual, mimicking the look of Indian Kantha quilting. This informal class is not aiming for perfection, it’s a more organic way of quilting using different coloured embroidery threads to create a striking mini quilt. If you have made a mini quilt in my improv class, you might like to join me for a relaxing chat and quilt!

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